The Job

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The Job
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti
Target El Banco Corrupto Grande
Location The Malibu Club
Reward $50000 and Bank Job Outfit
Unlocks Missions for Phil Cassidy

The Job is the last mission in the asset missions for The Malibu Club.


It's time to pull off the Bank Job for which you've gathered a team. You will drive there, you and Phil Cassidy will hold off the place, Cam Jones will unlock the safe, take the money and Hilary King will drive you away from there to the HQ.


The gang's all set, so tooled up and wheel out. Get in the taxi and follow the blip to the bank across town. Enter the bank and be calm. Head upstairs and don't shhot until security shows up. Head to the second floor and the vault and head upstairs and search for the manager, who's cowering in the office. Once all are sorted, head to the lobby and then SWAT teams infiltrate the bank. Cover and use any automatic weapons or shotguns, magnum also works. Auto-aim every SWAT then head outside and watch the getaway driver being mowed down. Again, auto-aim evry SWAT then escaped through the getaway car and get to the Pay N' Spray. Once you've covered, head to Cam's and mission completed. Often times the swat will blow up your getaway car so It's save to park a car in the space between the Pay N' Spray. If they do blow up your taxi run to the vehicle and enter there. Don't worry about phill he'll be fine as long as your car doesn't get blown up with him near it.


This is the dialogue for the mission if Cam get's killed:

(Tommy Vercetti, Ken Rosenberg, Phil Cassidy and Hilary King in the Malibu Club).

Tommy: As you can see, gentlemen. This going to be the easiest buck we ever made.

Ken: Tommy, seriously, you gotta consider going into law.

Phil: Tommy, what the hell are you smoking, man? This ain't no simple plan! Well, who needs a simple plan anyway? Take comunism. Now that was a simple plan, didn't do Russia any favors, huh?

Tommy: Calm down, all right? With a team like this it's going to be no problem. We got Cam on safe. Phil? You and me will handle security, and Hilary'll drive the getaway car.

Ken: Uh heh heh, aren't you forgetting somebody? Somebody who helped you to no end in this town? Somebody who...

Tommy: Ken...Ken, that's right. Ken here, he washes the money for us and he keeps the drinks on ice.

Hilary: I don't understand what I am supposed to be doing here.

Tommy: Look, it's easy. Haven't you ever seen a movie? We walk into the bank, we wave the gun around, and we leave very rich men.

(Outside The Malibu, Tommy and Hilary).

Tommy: I'll drive.

Hilary: Great. A passenger. Wait 'till I tell the group about this.

(Tommy, Cam and Hilary in the taxi).

Cam: Tommy, Hilary's taking up too much room!

Hilary: I am not!

Cam: Are too!

Tommy: Hey, shut up you two or you can get out and walk!

Cam: Yeah - HILARY!

Tommy: For god's sake, Phil, stop waving that thing around!

(Tommy and Hilary infront of the bank).

Tommy: Keep driving around the block, Okay?

Hilary: Okay, Tommy, Okay.

Tommy: Alright guys, Nice and easy, just like we planned.

(Tommy and Phil inside the bank).


Phil: Wiclo, roger that!

Tommy: Come on Cam, the vault's upstairs.

(Cam and Tommy at the vault).

Cam: Damn! It's a Flange 9000! This could take hours to crack. Or five minutes if you could find the manager.

Tommy: I'll go find where he's holed up.

(Tommy looking at the Overlook Hall speaking to Phil).

Tommy: Phil, things still sweet?

Phil: Sure, everything's real quiet.

(Tommy holding up with the Manager).

Tommy: You- You're coming with me!

Manager: OK! OK! Just don't shoot!

(Tommy, along with The Manager heading back to the vault).

Manager: It's on a time lock. You might as well give up now.

Cam: Hell, I can bypass the time lock, then we just need your key code and we're good.

Tommy: Stay here. You try anything, and you're dead! I'll go check on Phil, I'll be right back.

(Walking through the Overlook Hall).

Phil: I told you not to touch that alarm! The SWAT Team will be here any minute. I could do with some help here, Tommy!

(The SWAT speaking to the bank robbers).

SWAT: Vice City SWAT! You are completely surrounded!

Phil: Surrounded? Hahahahaha! They're crapping themselves, corrupt bastards!

Cam: TOMMY! The vault's open.

Tommy: OK, we got the SWAT retirement fund! Let's get out of here.

SWAT : OK! You asked for it! You've had your last chance!

Phil: They're storming the place! Take cover!

(Tommy, Phil and Cam have a shootout against the SWAT, in which all SWAT men are defeated, but Cam is killed too.)

Phil: That's the last of them! GO, GO, GO!

(Outside the Bank, Tommy, Phil, Cam and Hilary).

Phil: Where's Cam?

Tommy: History.

Phil: Shit! Where's Hilary? I'll give him abandonment issues!

(Hillary arrives with the getaway Cab.)

Hilary: Hey guys! Get in! I got you covered!

(Hillary shoots down some SWAT Men, but is eventually shot dead.)

(HQ, Phil and Tommy, if Cam Jones died).

Phil: We made it! We're rich! RICH! Too bad about Cam though, he was a good guy.

Tommy: Yeah, well in the end. More money for us!

Phil: You got that right!

(HQ, Phil, Kent Paul, Mercedes, Phil, Tommy and Cam Jones, if he survived the onslaught of gunfire)

Mercedes: Tommy. Would you like a massage?

Tommy: Well. Hi there Mercedes. Yeah, I'm a little tense...

Kent Paul: What'd I tell you Tommy! What'd I tell you! Bent SWAT better watch out when Kent Paul is in town! Come on, gimme a bigger slice, c'mon. I gotta get some new threads.

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