The Master and the Molotov

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We think it’s a Stalin reference, rather than to the famous cocktail. Anyhow.

Get yourself healed up- burgers are still just $1 at the 69th Street- and then head down to meet with Dmitri on the boardwalk. It would probably be a good idea to hit up the gun shop first and pick up a shotgun (if you lack one) or more ammo for it (if you don’t).

An Unpopular Revolution

Now, when you think boardwalk, you probably think of the area where you went with Melissa. Truth is, the boardwalk wraps all the way around Firefly Island, and Dmitri’s actually on a park bench near the south end of Mohawk Avenue. But, of course, if you followed your GPS you’d know that anyhow.

At any rate. Walk up to trigger a cutscene in which Dmitri lays it out flat- Mikhail is far too dangerous to be allowed to stay at the head of this gang. Though he hates saying it about his close friend, Dmitri can’t allow such a madman to keep running the local syndicate into the floor. He needs you to remove Mikhail from the top spot.

Did you get all that? Hopefully so. You’ve seen what a nutcase the man can be, killing almost completely on a whim, and if you actually have any misgivings about killing him now you shouldn’t have skipped all the cutscenes. Dmitri realizes that this mission will not be easy and tells you he’s left you some protection up the street from the Perestroika cabaret club. Mikhail is about to head there even as you’re talking (don’t bother trying to intercept him. He’s there as soon as the cutscene ends).

So? Go! Get in your car and tear up Mohawk to the Perestroika. Dmitri must have a sense of humor- your protection is sitting in the same spot where you found Roman hiding in the dumpster.

The protection is quite useful- a suit of body armor. This effectively doubles the length of your health meter. You may already have a set- the backalley gun shop sells them- but picking up this one will patch any holes it may have sustained. Either way, arm the shotgun, then walk on into the club.

Glasnost and All That

Mikhail knows the score, and after a short cutscene he sics his guards on you. Shotgun them, then chase the gang boss out the back door. The barkeep will open fire on you, as will some chucklefuck behind a dessert cart, but you don’t have to kill them per se (do so anyways, or they’ll mess up your nice new body armor).

Mikhail will call for more guards when he reaches the door, and sure enough, another one or two guards will run in as he runs out. Destroy them, then follow him out into the alley. Take out the guy who fires on you here, then the guy on the fire escape, then the guy who appears at the bottom of the escape. Once they’re all dead, Mikhail will open fire on you with his Micro-Uzi. Don’t bother to return fire; climb the escape quickly and he’ll be cowed.

When you reach the top, he’ll drop his gun and start ranting. Don’t just blast him with the shotgun- those are all the signs of an Execution in the making, and indeed it is. Bring out the Pistol and wait for the flashing red before opening fire.

That’s that. You’ll get some cash- likely Mikhail’s pocket money- and call Dmitri as you head back down the fire escape. He seems sad about the whole thing, but he’s glad it’s done- hopefully, this will mean peace with Petrovic. You’re to call him later for your big reward, and to discuss what’s ahead- for the details on that, see Russian Revolution.