The Meat Business

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The Meat Business
Kent Paul and Maccer bring Ken Rosenberg back into relapse.

Kent Paul and Maccer bring Ken Rosenberg back into relapse.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Ken Rosenberg
Target Sindacco Mobsters
Location Caligula's Palace, The Strip, Las Venturas, San Andreas
Reward $8,000
Unlocks Madd Dogg
Unlocked by Intensive Care

The Meat Business is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Ken Rosenberg from the office in Caligula's Palace, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Ken Rosenberg has relapsed and is high on cocaine when Carl enters. The drug gives Ken a confidence boost and he decides to venture outside the office and show the city who's boss. Ken decides to go to visit the Sindacco Family at their abattoir to visit Johnny Sindacco, who is recuperating there after being discharged earlier from the hospital.

Carl and Ken make their way to Whitewood Estates, where the abattoir is housed at. When they arrive at the abattoir, Carl tries to stay behind, knowing that if Johnny recognises him, there will be trouble. However, Ken begs Carl to come with him, his confidence faltering. Unfortunately, Johnny suffers another heart attack when Carl steps out of the shadows during the meeting and dies. The Sindaccos realize that Johnny had a heart-attack due to a previous encounter with Carl, so they launch an attack on the two. Carl and Ken fight their way out of the abattoir, making sure there are no witnesses left alive before driving back to Caligula's Palace. During the trip back, Ken realizes how screwed he would be after this. Carl promises him that he would think of something to get him out of the trouble.


The rewards for this mission are $8,000 and an increase in respect. The missions Madd Dogg and Freefall are unlocked.


  • As they escape the abattoir, Ken will utter comments to Carl under the illusion he is escaping alongside Tommy Vercetti, his former partner. Ken mentions Tommy's first name instead of Carl's, leading to Carl asking Ken who Tommy is.
  • The player can fail the mission by getting inside the freezer that Rosenberg is hiding in and wait until the freezer door closes. The mission will fail along with a message "You are trapped in the freezer with Rosenberg". The player will respawn in a nearby hospital as if CJ was wasted.
  • The comment where Ken Rosenberg says to Carl where he thought he was with Tommy Vercetti is a reference to the film Reservoir Dogs.

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