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The Merryweather Heist

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The Merryweather Heist
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
Michael De Santa
Franklin Clinton
For Trevor Philips
Objective Steal a nuclear warhead guarded by Merryweather and neutralise any resistance
Location Port of Los Santos (Freighter Approach)
Paleto Cove (Offshore Approach)
Fail The sub is destroyed (Both Approaches)
The helicopter is destroyed (Offshore Approach only)
Reward "Subversive" achievement/trophy
Unlocked by Minisub
Cargobob (Offshore Approach)
Hood Safari

The Merryweather Heist is the second heist mission in Grand Theft Auto V. The heist is overseen by Trevor Philips and completed by himself, Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, Wade Hebert, and Floyd Hebert.

Freighter Approach


When Trevor shows up at Floyd's apartment, he demands that Wade clean up while Floyd gives him a massage. When Michael and Franklin show up, Trevor directs them to the planning board. Michael asks if Trevor called Lester Crest about this job, and Trevor states that he is in the hospital. Trevor states that without Lester, they can earn extra money, and Michael states that's not how they work; however, Trevor states that's how they are going to work this time. Franklin asks about the plan, and Trevor states that Michael is going to plant explosive charges on the freighter to sink it into the harbor while Franklin provides cover, and Trevor goes underwater in the sub to retrieve whatever Merryweather was storing on the ship.

Trevor drives Franklin to the bridge while Wade takes Michael to get a diving suit. After Trevor drops off Franklin at the Miriam Turner Overpass, the crew waits for nightfall to execute the plan. Franklin gives Michael sniper support while he sneaks aboard to plant the bombs. As Michael goes inside to plan the fourth charge, Merryweather mercenaries begin to attack Franklin. After the final charge is planted, Michael jumps ship, and Franklin detonates the charges, sinking the ship. Michael dives underwater to find the device Merryweahter was guarding, and Trevor comes to retrieve it in the sub. After getting the device, Trevor returns to Pier 400 for a debrief.

After Trevor's sub is surfaced and loaded on a truck, Lester shows up in a hospital gown, asking the crew if they realize what they have stolen. Lester and Michael state if they don't put the device back, the federal government will hunt them down and kill them and everyone they ever known. Floyd and Lester take the truck with the device, Franklin and Michael drive off, and Trevor is left angry about how his heist was all for naught.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Headshots Kill at least 12 enemies with a headshot.
Accuracy Complete the mission with at least 80% shooting accuracy.
Ninja Kill at least 12 enemies with a stealth attack, either with a suppressed headshot or a stealth takedown.
Container Hunter As Michael, find the container within 60 seconds.
No Alarms Get to the ship interior without being detected.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos


Offshore Approach


When Trevor enters Floyd's apartment, he demands that Floyd and Wade get into the living room. While waiting for Michael and Franklin, Trevor demands that Floyd massage his leg. When Michael and Franklin arrive, Trevor directs them to the planning board. Michael asks if Trevor called Lester Crest about this job, and Trevor states that he is in the hospital. After Trevor and Michael have an argument about the past, Franklin asks what the job is about. Trevor states that thanks to his and Floyd's observations, Merryweather is guarding an unknown device for the federal government offshore. Trevor states that they need to go to the Sandy Shores Airfield to get the helicopter and sub.

Upon arriving at the airfield where the Hebert cousins are waiting, Trevor states that Michael and Franklin are going into the helicopter while he goes into the sub. Michael then flies the helicopter to a point off the coast of Paleto Cove, where the device is supposedly located. After dropping the sub into the ocean, Trevor uses the Trackify app on his phone to locate the device. Once Trevor finds the device secured to the seabed, Trevor takes it up to the surface, where Michael then retrieves the sub. While flying back to Sandy Shores, Trevor states since he used a publicly available smartphone app to locate the device, he warns that Merryweather mercenaries could be on their way. When Merryweather shows up, Franklin uses a light machine gun to destroy the boats and helicopters. After eliminating the threat, the crew returns to the airfield.

Upon arriving, Lester shows up, furious about the heist Trevor pulled. Lester states if they don't put the device back from where they got it, he all but assures that the federal government will kill them and everyone they ever known. Trevor has Wade go with Lester to put the device back while Franklin and Michael drive back to Los Santos. After everyone leaves, Trevor bangs his head against a wooden pallet in frustration.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Show No Mercenary As Franklin, eliminate all pursuing Merryweather enemies.
Salvager As Trevor, find the container within 2 minutes.
Time Complete the mission within 14 minutes and 30 seconds.
Weathering The Storm Escape the pursuing Merryweather enemies in less than 4 minutes.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos



Upon successful completion of the mission, the player earns the "Subversive" achievement/trohpy. The crew would have earned $20 million for the sale of the warhead if Lester had not convinced Trevor to put it back on the threat of the federal government putting a price on his, Michael's and Franklin's heads.