The Snow Storm

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The Snow Storm
For Elizabeta
Location Colony Island
Reward $2,500
Unlocks U.L. Paper missions
combat shotgun in gun store
Unlocked by Blow Your Cover

Head over to the old hospital on Colony Island. You'll have to take out all the enemies here. Note the location of the truck parked outside, you may want to use it as an escape vehicle later. You can also park your own car, facing out, next to the truck so you're ready to leave in a hurry.

There are several options for entering the hospital. The sniper rifle works well for the enemies you can see from the outside. Take cover behind the low wall separating the parking lot from the old hospital and shoot undetected at the first group of thugs clustered on the left by the vehicle; another option is to throw a grenade at them. Killing these two guys may or may not alert the others inside the hospital.

Now, to get in the hospital, go through the hole in the chain-link fence where you shot the two guys and then go through the door on the right. You will be in a large, open room with no ceiling; there are a few guys hiding behind desks and such and there is one above you looking down from the second floor. After you take these guys out, go to the hallway on the left, where five or six guys will be waiting for you. This hallway leads to the objective room.

There is also a ladder on the southern side of the hospital you can use to access part of the second floor; this location works well for gunning down the thugs below. Notice the red canisters; you can shoot these and they'll explode, taking out any nearby enemies.

Your objective (the bag of coke) is in a room in the back of the hospital on the ground floor, in the room just north of the southwest corner. There are thugs here, along with some body armor. Before you pick up the bag, be sure you know the way out of the building. It can be confusing when you have to run back through it to get out. When you do pick up the bag, the N.O.O.S.E. team will arrive. Some N.O.O.S.E. members will be in the building, and a lot more will be outside. Fight your way to the northern door (the same door you entered through if you entered on the ground level) and be careful when you get there, because there will be a large group of police and N.O.O.S.E. funneling in there. Clear the room, run out the door, then sprint to your car or, better yet since it's closer, the truck outside. You'll have a three-star wanted level (varies depending on how many N.O.O.S.E. agents you shoot) and a helicopter will already be in the area. You'll have to drive really well to get away! Try to find a good straightaway to build up some speed then cut off on a turn that isn't infested with cops. Keep an eye on your minimap to see which streets have cops on them, and avoid those like ebola.

Another option, if you don't like driving, is to sprint for the water. Don't bother with the stairs, just jump in. There is a fast boat you can use and being on the water shakes all the police cars. It's so fast it can even outrun the police helicopters.

Once you lose your Wanted Level, meet up with Little Jacob and you'll see a scene that's rather important to the plot, and possibly your romantic life...

Completion of this mission unlocks the combat shotgun in the gun store and unlocks missions for U.L. Paper (if you have completed the mission, "Photo Shoot").

Mission walkthrough courtesy of WikiCheats.