The Vice Assassination

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The Vice Assassination
Jackson Skinner driving his car after picking up the prostitute.

Jackson Skinner driving his car after picking up the prostitute.
Game GTA V
For Lester Crest
Target Jackson Skinner
Location Legion Square, Los Santos
Fail The Prostitute realises Franklin Clinton watching her
Jackson Skinner escapes
Reward $5,000
Unlocks The Bus Assassination
Unlocked by I Fought the Law
The Multi-Target Assassination

The Vice Assassination is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Lester Crest from a public payphone in Legion Square, Los Santos.


Franklin answers a public payphone in Legion Square and is asked by Lester Crest if he has heard of Jackson Skinner, the Head of Product Development at Façade, who has made a lot of money selling customer data to people in Moscow and Tehran among others, handing information to cyber terrorists on a 'silver platter'. Lester tells Franklin that he understands Jackson has a weakness for working girls and one in particular in La Puerta. Lester sens Franklin the location on his GPS and says he will look at the Fruit Computers share price. Franklin then drives to Mutiny Rd in La Puerta where he watches the prostitute reject a number of clients stating that she is waiting for someone. Skinner arrives, the prostitute gets into his car and the two begin driving towards Rogers Salvage & Scrap on the connecting South Arsenal St. Franklin then assassinates Skinner and flees the area. As he escapes he phones Lester to tell him about Skinner's death and Lester tells him that he'll get in contact with him soon.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Clean Escape Complete without alerting the police.


  • After completing the mission the stock price for Façade drops considerably while the Fruit Computers stock rises, reaching its highest roughly three days after the assassination. The player can earn extra money by investing in Fruit Computers before the mission.

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos


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