To Victor, the Spoils

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To Victor, the Spoils
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Louise Cassidy-Williams
Target Trailer Park Mafia businesses
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Reward $1,500
Unlocks Jive Drive
Empire Buildings
Gang recruitment.

To Victor, the Spoils is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given by Louise Cassidy-Williams to protagonist Victor Vance.


Marty Jay Williams is now killed and the Trailer Park Mafia are considerably wiped out. Victor drops by Louise's apartment and she suggests him about taking over Marty's businesses. The two go outside and recruit two henchman at Sunshine Autos. They get to Marty's loan shark business and kill all the Trailer Park Mafia gang members defending it. Louise recruits some other gang members and after taking over all of the empire businesses, she shows up and says that all the businesses that belonged to the Trailer Park Mafia are now Victor's, so he can now run his own gang (Vance Crime Family).


(Victor and Louise at Mary-Jo's apartment.)

Louise: I've been thinking over what you said about me and the baby being better off without Marty, and... I've got a plan. Why don't YOU take over Marty's business?

Victor: I'm no gang boss.

Louise: No... but you could be. Come on, we both need the cash, honey.

(Victor and Louise are outside the apartment.)

Louise: First, we need to get some guys together.

(After finding two gang members at Sunshine Autos.)

Louise: Hey, wanna make some money?

(After arriving at Marty's loan shark business.)

Louise: I'll go find some more guys and see you at Marty's other place.

Victor: This shouldn't be too tough. Come on, guys.

(Louise arrives after all the empire buildings are taken over.)

Louise: You did it, Vic. The whole damn caboodle's yours!

Victor: Yeah, but I don't know how to run this kind of thing.

Louise: Marty could do it, and he was nearly inbred! You'll pick it up! You're amazing! You can do anything!

Gang member: Hey, boss, is this a full-time position?

Victor: Yeah. Yeah, it is.

Louise: Everything's gonna be just fine!


Upon completing this mission you'll receive $1,500 and unlock the business empire feature as well as recruiting gang members.

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