Toreno's Last Flight

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Toreno's Last Flight
Game GTA San Andreas
For Wu Zi Mu
Target Mike Toreno
Location CJ's Garage, San Fierro
Reward $18000 and + Respect

Toreno's Last Flight is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that protagonist Carl Johnson plays for ally Wu Zi Mu in San Fierro.



During mission Pier 69, Mike Toreno escaped being killed by Carl and Cesar Vialpando during the Loco Syndicate/Ballas drug deal, but now Wu Zi Mu has traced down Toreno's black Maverick helicopter. Now's your chance to finish what you started.

The Mission

Get a car and drive to the helipad in Downtown, San Fierro where Toreno is loading a drug shipment into his Maverick to take it to Los Santos.

When you arrive to the helipad, Toreno's guards will attack you, kill them and then make your way up to the helipad, when you get up there, the Maverick will take off and fly away, kill Toreno's guards, then pick up the Rocket Launcher or the M4 Carbine which they drop.

When you kill the guards, the copter will fly into the Doherty highway and a life bar showing the helicopter's health will show up on the top right of the screen, get off the helipad and on the marked PCJ 600, now drive to the highway and get in it, pull out the rocket launcher or the M4 and wait for the Maverick to draw close, start shooting at it or blast it with the rocket launcher. When the lifew bar reaches it's end, the copter will crash and the mission is over.


(CJ's Garage, Carl Johnson and Wu Zi Mu.)

(CJ is in his garage when his phone rings, he picks up and it's Wu Zi Mu.)

Wu Zi Mu: Carl, it's Woozie. I've got some information for ya.

Carl: Hey Woozie, what's the business?

Wu Zi Mu: My man found that van you were looking for, it's by the helipad downtown.

Carl: And Toreno?

Wu Zi Mu: Yep, he's there. Appearently he's about to take some merchandise and cut by helicopter. They've already started loading boxes.

Carl: Something about Toreno don't add up. Holler back if you hear something.

(Doherty Highway, Carl.)

(Carl goes after Toreno's copter, but the copter takes off and heads for the highway, Carl intercepts the copter and shoots it down.)

Carl: Excellent. There's no way Toreno could have survived that fireball.

Mission Sequence

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