Trevor Philips

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Trevor Philips
[[Image::File:TrevorPhillips-GTAV-secondtrailer.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Trevor Philips
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Blaine County, Los Santos, San Andreas
Main Affiliations Michael De Santa
Franklin Clinton
Lester Crest
Ron Jakowski
Bradley Snider
Floyd Hebert
Vehicles Bodhi
Player's Choice
Businesses Drug dealing
Meth manufacturing
Firearms trafficking
Voiced by Steven Ogg

Trevor Philips is one of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V.

Based in Blaine County, Trevor is a career criminal who had previously worked with Michael in various heists and had prior experience as a military pilot, allowing him to operate aircraft. He is mentioned to be in his early 40s. He has two friends who are known to appear in GTA V, the first being Ron, the second is called Brad. Trevor is a drug dealer and runs a meth lab either in his trailer or one of an associate.

Trevor appears to be sporting a gray, V-neck t-shirt in most of the screenshots, along with a variation between sweatpants and jeans. Despite his relationship with Michael, Trevor is indicated to be increasing emotionally unstable, possibly a sociopath and suffering from drug addiction.


  • Trevor has a tattoo on his neck that consists of a dotted line and an instruction stating "Cut here" in the center of his neck.
  • Unlike Michael and Franklin, Trevor did not appear in the first GTA V trailer.
  • Trevor is the first protagonist to willfully use drugs in their respective game.
  • Trevor was the first protagonist of GTA V to have his full name revealed.


Trevor's Trailer