Trevor Phillips

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Trevor Phillips
[[Image::File:Trevor-GTAV-Closeup.png| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Trevor Phillips
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Blaine County, Los Santos
Main Affiliations Michael
Businesses Robbery

Trevor Phillips is one of the three playable characters in Grand Theft Auto V. Based in Blaine County, Trevor is a career criminal who had previously worked with Michael in various heists and had prior experience as a military pilot, allowing him to operate aircraft. He is mentioned to be in his early 40s. He has two friends who are known to appear in GTA V, the first being Ron, the second is called Brad. In the December 2012 Game Informer preview, previewers show Trevor driving a Bodhi; whether or not he owns it is currently unknown. Trevor appears to be sporting a gray, V-neck t-shirt in most of the screenshots, along with a variation between sweatpants and jeans.

Despite his relationship with Michael, Trevor is indicated to be increasing emotionally unstable, possibly a sociopath and suffering from drug addiction. Trevor has a tattoo on his neck that consists of a dotted line and a sign saying "Cut here".