Uncle BJ's Deli & Groceries

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The shop after being vandalized by the Diablos.
The shop prior to the mission "Shima".
The shop after being vandalized by the Diablos.

Uncle BJ's Deli & Groceries is a trademark that features in Liberty City in the Grand Theft Auto III era with various stores in Staunton Island. In the mission Shima for Kenji Kasen in Grand Theft Auto III, the player goes to one of the stores to collect the protection money and finds out that it was wrecked and robbed by some Diablos. After that the player must drive to Hepburn Heights, kill some Diablo gang members and get the protection money. In the top of that store the player can find a hidden package. "Uncle BJ's is a sexual joke. BJ is a reference to a "blowjob".