Uncle Vlad

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Uncle Vlad

Niko cornering Vlad
For Roman Bellic
Location Hove Beach, Broker
Reward nothing
Unlocks Crime & Punishment

Uncle Vlad is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Roman becomes aware that Mallorie has been having an affair with Vlad. Naturally he's upset, and Niko wants to go to the Comrades Bar and deal with him directly. Go with Roman, and look for Vlad at the Comrades in Hove Beach. Roman is reluctant to do anything, because he doesn't want to get himself into any more trouble than he already is.


It is usually a good idea to drive to the Roman's Cab Depot in a fast car when you go to receive this mission, as you will likely need it. Either a very fast car or one with very good handling is recommended for this mission, and for that matter all missions that involve a car chase.

Once the cutscene is over, either get into your fast car or the Roman's Taxi which now appears in the garage (and which will serve nicely if you don't have something else). Drive to the Comrades Bar to confront Vlad.

Yep, he's doing a runner. Take out his goons - if you picked up a shotgun in Concrete Jungle this is an ideal environment for it, or alternatively just push past them- then follow him out the back. Try not to have the shotgun armed while running, as you'll go slower.

Not that it matters much; Vlad had a getaway car stowed around back, and now he takes off. Get into your own car and chase him down - note that it must be the car you arrived at the mission point with, or Roman will be left behind and the mission will fail.

Follow Vlad as he winds through the streets of Hove Beach, making sure to stay decently close so as not to fail the mission, and he'll head down to the Navy Yard. Follow him, being careful in navigating the always-crowded and winding street down here, and soon enough he'll smash his car into a road work and try to escape on foot. Get out of your own car and follow him.

After the cutscene, you're prompted to execute Vlad. Executions are when you target in-mission characters with a pistol and the reticule flashes red. If you shoot, you will see an amazing death scene. However, you don't have to execute him, basically kill him in any way.

Enjoy your lengthy cinematic what follows, then enjoy the fabulous cash prize you receive which Vlad leaves behind. Take a moment, too, to soak in that feeling of satisfaction- you've just catapulted the story forward, and there's no stopping now.