Undress to Kill

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In this mission you volunteer to clean up a gentlemens club that Dwayne used to own, that was taken over by gansters while he spent time in jail.

The objective is to eliminate the three managers of the strip club (Triangle club). You can find out were all are by simply walking around the club and listening in on conversations. The managers will try to flee if you draw attention to yourself.

The first manager (Jose) is in the room just left of the entrance, he is alone. You can easily eliminate Jose whit a close combat weapon (the baseball bat for me) whitout anyone in the club noticing (He do have a shotgun next to the wall but he wont reach it if you just crack his skull in as soon as the door closes behind you). I suggest you take out Jose first since it wont draw any attention.

The second manager is in the back room "trying out the new girl". The third one is talking to a striper in the large room. I have no idea if there is a way to finish the second or the third one whitout drawing attention so from this point forward i just went guns blazing, the third one in the large room is the one least likely to reach a exit so i toke out the one in the backroom first, after that you just need to clean out the goonz and then take out the last manager.

Mission complete.