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m (removing links to non-existent userboxes and fixed the music userbox's code)
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{{userboxtop|About me}}<br /><br />{{userbox:Male}}<br />{{userbox:age|15}}<br />{{userbox:UK}}<br />{{userbox:Call Of Duty}}<br />{{userbox:Gangsta}}<br />{{userbox:Single}}<br />{{userbox:TV}}<br />{{userbox:Help}}<br />{{userbox:Lady Gaga}}<br />{{userbox:Range Rover}}<br />{{userboxbottom}}
{{userboxtop|About me}}
{{userbox:music|Lady Gaga}}

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About me
15 This user is 15 years old
Flag of the United Kingdom.png This user is proud to be British
' This user is a fan of Rap/Hip-Hop music.
Redcross.png This user wants to help other users
Music.jpg This user listens to Lady Gaga