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Blake Gripling
Huckleberry Pie.jpg
Full Name Blake Sophia Gripling
Nationality American
Nicknames Huckleberry Pie, LPG-Unit
Gender Male
Religion Roman Catholic
Hair Brown
Height 5'3
Location Cavite, Philippines
School Attended Lucky Junior High
Affiliations Third Echelon, Claremont School of Gen. Trias
Website LPG-Unit Music
Web Forum Visit Community Forum
This article is about the guy who uses the name of a fictional character as an alias. For the ATBG character, see As Told By Ginger.

I discovered this site in 2005 and it provided me with stuff for school, so I signed up and edited pages, got rid of vandals and rip-off artists, as well as eating sandwiches. I also like Harley-Davidson motorcycles just because they're cool and they don't make your mind strain, too. Happy reading and God Bless! - Blake = )

My Interests: Whipping llamas, playing basketball, using computers

What I did recently: Ate chicken, bought a bottle of Tropicana

Gadgets: a Nokia 6230, a tube of toothpaste

Fave games: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Red Alert 2, The Sims

Fave artists: Usher, Mariah Carey, Beastie Boys, *NSYNC

If I were a Burger King meal, what would I be: maybe an Onion Ring.

No, I don't intend to put nonsense or any other inappropriate stuff on Wikipedia (this site, of course). After all, I'm sick of people who mess up encyclopedia pages...

Please visit my Soundclick page at for those of you comedy song fanatics out there.

Spoofer Cell: Twisted Anthology

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"Look, dude, we don't want any dumb things to happen here, so beat it!"

Huckleberry Pie

"You're a tomboy, Shirl? Gosh, you might have been on Tylenol overdose,"


"The only beef that I have with this mission is that I would recreate that darn thing I did with Eleanor Rosevelt..."

Shirley Temple

The poster for my spoof...

I have a story at, entitled Spoofer Cell: Twisted Anthology, which is similar in style to Epic Movie. The whole story centers on Sam Fisher, a loyal agent of the Third Echelon, and his "movie and pop culture encounters", with appearances from many movie characters and celebrities - a time traveling Ludacris, an awkward Shirley Temple, and more crazy cameo appearances from celebrities. The parody is now in progress, but I thought of an initial storyline to fill the thing up. I also plan to have a machinima version of this, and a game, when I have the resoures to buy a new PC...

The game, on my point of view, would involve parodying various video games, with elements from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, Grand Theft Auto, Half-Life, Need for Speed Carbon, and other games. Most of the playable characters can use everyday objects as melee weapons, such as shoes (boots for Fisher and Ludacris and Mary Janes and the like for the kids), toilet plungers, tennis rackets, Ping-Pong balls, sausages, lollipops, alkaline batteries, leather mallets, slingshots, and the like. Of course, it would involve stealth tactics, and with some rather ridiculous stuff, such as Fisher knocking out Oompa-Loompas just to get a retinal scan at them.

File:Splinter Cell Eviction.jpg
Early box art for SC: Eviction, although the title still bears the "Splinter" lines

I'm also conceptualizing on its sequel, Spoofer Cell: Eviction, a parodical take at Splinter Cell: Conviction. I won't give you the details about it yet, so visit this page for more details. OK, so after reading early rumors about the game (such as a strange-looking Sam throwing everything on sight), and after early conceptualization by yours truly, Eviction's story is about a now-broke Sam Fisher, after being pissed off at his employers, the Third Echelon. I may put sandbox elements from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but check out my user page for updated info...

External link:

Plot Summary

About the spoiler template, that wasn't a vandalized Template:Spoiler template. I made it myself, but I incorporated the template code in this article. OK, so the story is set shortly after the events of Splinter Cell: Double Agent, at the time where prices for strawberries went up, for unexplained reasons. Sam Fisher is now a wanted man, and he's now been chased by the NYPD. He had been depressed lately, after being hard-hit by the loss of her daughter, Sarah. As he was cowering in an abandoned building, he began singing a parody of the song On The Good Ship Lollipop, entitled "When You're Bein' Chased By The Cops". Lambert, his boss, then called him on his mobile phone, telling him that a guy on a Harley-Davidson sidecar will pick him up. Fisher was then sent to the Third Echelon, where he was ordered to use a modified Chronosphere and go back to the 1930s. There, he meets Shirley Temple, who was his first objective. Lambert ordered Sam to interrogate and fool Temple, just so that he could get the Golden Ticket from her.

Sam later knew that Shirley's life was in danger from gangsters, and when he saw them trying to assault the actress, he, Temple and Ludacris (the rapper whom Fisher met earlier in the story; he also time-traveled to meet King Kong) hurriedly went in the Temples' family car (I might as well revise the story a bit; like Sam carjacking the Temple sled, Grand Theft Auto style), and did a parody of the street drift sequence from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, with Ludacris and Shirley listening to the song Tokyo Drift on an iPod. The guys then lost track of the gangsters, and, as Lambert ordered, the three, with the car, beamed back to the year 2006 (actually, Double Agent was set in the year 2008), in the stadium where the World Cup took place (the parking lot to be exact). Shirley, of course, was amazed at the present time period, in which Sam replied, "Twisted history, kid, nothing else..." It was, coincidentally, the game where Zinedine Zidane had a bad time with Marco Materazzi, thus Sam and the guys hurriedly sneaked into the stadium where they watched the headbutt incident. Sam and Ludacris then laughed at the two soccer players, and then went out of the stadium and back to the Third Echelon HQ. Lambert then took the Golden Ticket from Temple, saying "Don't worry, Shirl, there are some things better than Willy Wonka...".

A photoshopped concept art for Spoofer Cell, where Zinedine Zidane, Marco Materazzi and Shirley Temple were "having a party". Materazzi fell on the floor due to the injury he had in the World Cup.

The three then went to Paris, France, well, to contact Madeline and to hack at Lord Covington's computer. Ludacris then convinced Madeline to go to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, in which Sam will break into. Alexander Romanov and Yuri, two of the key characters in Red Alert 2, was also in Wonka's factory, which surprised Fisher. Yuri then said that they "weren't spreading any Soviet influence anymore" and they got the chance to be in here after they mind-controlled Velma Dinkley just to get the Golden Ticket. Tanya Adams was also in the factory, since her dad was also a former employee. Sam secretly told Yuri that they were having a mission in the factory because a terrorist group has planted a "Hot Gas" suitcase bomb, a parody of the "Red Mercury" bomb in Double Agent.

After the bomb was defused, they then went to Strawberryland, where another "Hot Gas" bomb was planted, and where a hostage situation was taking place (the intelligence report later reveals that Licorice Whip and The Peculiar Pie Man was trying to steal berries and smuggle them to the state of San Andreas; however, they decided to put the Strawberryland residents hostage, after the scheme failed). The Care Bears and Michael Jackson made a cameo appearance in the chapter, in which Jackson was expelled from Strawberryland and the Care Bears were helping Strawberry Shortcake in getting rid of the Indonesian terrorists - the same ones who appeared in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. It is then revealed that Licorice Whip, one of the Strawberryland antagonists, was the instigator of the incident. Sam then asked Shortcake about his headquarters - ultimately, Lambert ordered him to spy on a meeting between Licorice Whip and his unknown accomplices, who shockingly turn out to be the Indonesian terrorists. At the meeting, Licorice Whip farted, and a firefight subsequently breaks out between his minions and the guerrilla troops. Amidst the chaos, Sam pursues Licorice Whip to the roof, where, after a tense Mexican standoff, Sam knocks Licorice Whip unconscious, parodying the Shetland sequence in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Fisher then performed a daring escape sequence - jumping from Licorice's hideout and landing on The Peculiar Pie Man's delivery cart. He then hijacked the cart, pointed the SC-20K rifle at him, threatened Pie Man to surrender, and eventually headbutted the Pie Man.

File:Paris Hilton parody.jpg
A "screenshot" from the fictional game GTA: Parisian Sun, depicting Paris Hilton under custody

After Fisher succeeds in getting rid of the terrorists, Shortcake then joined the gang, and they went to Memphis, Tennessee, where they met Justin Timberlake - the mission has just been finished, and they had a party in Timberlake's house. After the two-hour party, they went on a stroll, but unfortunately, Shirley was hit by an errant spy sattelite, with Sam saying, "If I did this to Girl Scouts selling cookies in front of my house, this would be worse,", and Ludacris quipping, "We've shot down the Good Ship Lollipop...", and Ludacris and Justin panicked.






Brands & companies


Here's a partial list of my song parody lyrics under the pseudonym LPG-Unit:

"Curly Top", originally "Pop" by Nsync
Date Submitted: 2006-10-30
"Fogg (Madeline Part III)", originally "Gone" by Nsync
Date Submitted: 2006-08-26
"Hilton Cried (Shirley Temple's Rant)", originally "Stars Are Blind" by Paris Hilton
Date Submitted: 2006-09-18
"Madeline", originally "London Bridge" by Fergie
Date Submitted: 2006-08-19
"Monsieur Zidane", originally "Señorita" by Justin Timberlake
Date Submitted: 2006-07-29
"My Hats (The Madeline Song)", originally "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas
Date Submitted: 2006-06-28
"My Hog (The Harley-Davidson Song)", originally "My Humps" by Black Eyed Peas
Date Submitted: 2006-11-25
"On The G-Unit Candy Shop", originally "On The Good Ship Lollipop" by Shirley Temple
Date Submitted: 2006-08-11
"Shirley Jane Temple (America's Sweetheart Pt. II)", originally "Lose Yourself" by Eminem
Date Submitted: 2006-09-27
"So Sick At Spongebob", originally "So Sick" by Ne-Yo
Date Submitted: 2006-10-21
"Yellow Hat", originally "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake
Date Submitted: 2006-08-05
"Strawberry Shortcake", originally "Breakin' The Habit" by Linkin Park
Date Submitted: 2006-12-07
"Goodbye Strawberryland", originally "So Sick" by Ne-Yo
Date Submitted: 2006-10-26

Photo Gallery

Here's a gallery of my album cover spoofs, as well as other stuff (upcoming):

That darn ol' sandbox of mine

Since the Wikipedia admin discourages vandalism, I made my own /Sandbox page so that I could experiment (and poke fun at some celebrity Wiki pages).

Another test page

This page, which I call "The Lab" is my own repository for some experimental stuff. It can take a long time to load, because of the GIF file inside.

Some quotes (serious and funny)

"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." - Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

"The only man who cannot smell a sour underarm is the one who has it," - Blake