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Grand Theft Auto: Lost Cause is a Fan Fiction story rumored to be in the works by [[User:Carl "CJ" Johnson]]. It will be mainly set in San Andreas, and deals with life after the events of the [[Los Santos Riots]], in 1992. It has been confirmed to take place in the same canon as [[Grand Theft Auto: The Untold Stories]], and so the latter series will have to undergo some re-thinking for the plotline.
{{prod|Never kicked off and went on a terminal hiatus almost immediately after conception}}
1992. The Database (Library) Building is on fire. Tenpenny is dead. While the public believes he was killed stealing the firetuck, and attempting to flee the city, two weeks later, he is hailed as a hero trying to get the firetruck to the Database Incident (so called because of the building), after the two drivers of the firetruck were beaten to death by a mob. Tenpenny is thought to have crashed after one of his tires were blown out by an angry rioter.
After, Cesar Vialpando asks Kendl Johnson to marry him. Kendl agrees, but tells Cesar that she's pregant.
18 years later...

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