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Full Name Christian
Gender Male
Date of Birth 4 April 1997
Age 19
Place of Birth America
Nationality Salvadoran
Home Liberty City soon Los Santos
Vehicles Infernus
Biker Angel
Many more

Real name: Christian

Birthday: April 4th

About me: Not much really i am kind of a firearms expert and been playing GTA since i was nine i edit as much as i can hope to do as much as i can.

Also about me:

  • Xbox Gamertag: SonsyDesert83 add me if you want mainly in MW3 but im good for GTA IV ,its episodes,Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Rising 2,and Dead Island.
  • Favourite GTA weapons: all realistic ones not like the flamethrower,minigun,etc
  • Favourite GTA feature: more realism the better


An Undead Nightmare in Los Santos?

I dont think anyone will ever read this or even care but ever since i first saw a zombie mod (which was Contagium for GTA IV) i wondered what Rockstar could pull off invoving a zombie invasion in Liberty City.Sadly with the move to Los Santos looks like that is not going to happen in Liberty City at least.But if Rockstar is going back to Los Santos (San Andreas?) this could be a chance to in my opinion make a more modern version of Undead Nightmare.Of corse there will have to be a storyline along with this DLC.But why not multiple unique storylines (three to be exact).These story lines will be documented later documented later (that kind of stuff takes time)

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