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and GTA is my faveorite series.
and GTA is my faveorite series.
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'''Favorite GTA Characters'''
[[Salvatore Leone]]<br>[[Donald Love]]<br>[[Asuka Kasen]]
<br>[[8-Ball]]<br>[[Elizabeta Torres]]<br>[[Phil Bell]]<br>[[Dimitri Rascalov]]<br>[[Mikhail Faustin]]<br>[[Mike Toreno]]<br>[[United Liberty Paper]]<br>[[Ricardo Diaz]]<br>[[Umberto Robina]]<br>[[Louise Cassidy-Williams]]<br> [[Love Fist]]<br>[[Phil Collins]]<br>[[Wade Heston]]<br>[[Ling Shan]]
'''Favorite GTA Protagonists'''
[[Johnny Klebitz]]<br>[[Niko Bellic]]<br>[[Victor Vance]]<br>[[Toni Cipriani]]<br>[[Huang Lee]]
'''Favorite GTA Gangs'''
[[The Lost Brotherhood]]<br>[[Angels of Death]]<br>[[Leone Family]]<br>[[Yakuza]]<br>[[Colombian Cartel]]<br>[[Pegorino Family]]<br>[[McReary Mob]]<br>[[Torres Cartel]]<br>[[Vance Crime Family]]
'''Favorite GTA Vehicles'''
[[PMP 600]]<br>[[Revenant]]<br>[[Hexer]]<br>[[Freeway]]<br>[[Angel]]<br>[[Stinger]]<br>[[Sentinel]]<br>[[Cheetah]]<br>[[Sabre GT]]<br>[[Sabre Turbo]]<br>[[Zombie]]
'''Top 3 Favorte GTA games'''
[[The Lost And The Damned]]<br>[[GTAIV]]<br>[[GTALCS]]

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Hi My name is Ryan, or you can call me Nome sence Nomejko is hard to say. Let me tell you about myself. Im 17 1/2 years old, I have an Asperger syndrome and a have a father in Iraq and a brother in Africa I have a mom that has Epilepsy My favorite food is a honey wine chicken my mom makes.My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.I am a HARDCORE GAMER and GTA is my faveorite series.

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Favorite GTA Characters Salvatore Leone
Donald Love
Asuka Kasen
Elizabeta Torres
Phil Bell
Dimitri Rascalov
Mikhail Faustin
Mike Toreno
United Liberty Paper
Ricardo Diaz
Umberto Robina
Louise Cassidy-Williams
Love Fist
Phil Collins
Wade Heston
Ling Shan

Favorite GTA Protagonists Johnny Klebitz
Niko Bellic
Victor Vance
Toni Cipriani
Huang Lee

Favorite GTA Gangs The Lost Brotherhood
Angels of Death
Leone Family
Colombian Cartel
Pegorino Family
McReary Mob
Torres Cartel
Vance Crime Family

Favorite GTA Vehicles PMP 600
Sabre GT
Sabre Turbo

Top 3 Favorte GTA games The Lost And The Damned