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Hi My name is Ryan, or you can call me Nome sence Nomejko is hard to say. Let me tell you about myself. Im 17 1/2 years old, I have an Asperger syndrome and a have a father in Iraq and a brother in Africa,My Brother Has A Son that was born Aug of 2008. I have a mom that has Epilepsy My favorite food is a honey wine chicken my mom makes.My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper.I am a HARDCORE GAMER and GTA is my favorite series.

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Favorite GTA Characters
Salvatore Leone My top favorite non Protagonist because he is based on Don Vito Corleone
8-Ball He rigs your cars with bombs do I have to say more
Billy Grey The best villian I think
United Liberty Paper he is so mysterious i think he is hiding something
Ricardo Diaz The funniest Guy In VC possibly the whole series
Louise Cassidy-Williams I was ashamed to see her die her and Vic make a good couple
Phil Collins When i found out he was joining the seires i did a flip I love his music

Favorite GTA Protagonists
Johnny Klebitz My top favorite protagonist I love biker gangs
Niko Bellic NB Is another favorite of mine he has a dark past and a hard to choose future
[[Toni Cipriani] He is in the 2nd favorite of mine because because he is based on Tony Soprano

Favorite GTA Gangs
The Lost Brotherhood My favorite it is based on the Pagans MC
Angels of Death One of my top favorites in the GTA IV era it Is based on the Hells Angels and my Uncle was a Hells Angel
Leone Family Top favorite gang in the GTA III Era because based on Corleone famly
Yakuza This gang is in the top 3 favorite gangs because they saved Claude from Salvatore

Favorite GTA Vehicles
Revenant Top favorite bike in GTA IV era I like the looks of it
Hexer I like it because its rare Yakuza Stinger Love the colorsMafia Sentinel ITS A LEONE CAR I LOVE THE LEONES
Zombie Like the black and red one of these

Top 3 Favorte GTA games
The Lost and Damned 1st

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Start a new The Lost and Damned Game and beat it by Friday April 24 2009

Go to school

Do testing next Thursday