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This is a personal project and I'm merely using this as a template.

This is a comprehensive list of story missions in the game Tool. There are 500 missions in total. Not all are required to complete the storyline of the game.

This is not a GTA fanfiction, it's simply a reference for an idea for a game with a GTA state of mind, like Red Dead Redemption.

South Yankton

Tool takes place in the year 2091, around 50 years after a world-wide war renders the world in an anarchistic state. The state of South Yankton is based mostly on western South Dakota, with a bit of north Nebraska and east Wyoming making up the southern and western borderlands, respectively.

Gavin Wright is a young man from the East coast of the USA. Born years after the fall of civilized life, Gavin grew up in a small New England community, where he quickly obtained a fascination and a hobby of fixing vehicles, starting with bicycles and moving up to gas-powered automobiles. Gavin competed in small local and long-distance races, living a content life, however the enticing lifestyle of the races held in South Yankton, the racing capital of North America, sent Gavin on a trek to the state in hopes of making a living out of his passion for racing.

Gavin, never a man of violence, enters the wasteland with a naive heart, however in time he gradually becomes desensitized after having no choice but to partake in the harsh realities of life in a lawless world.

The game is an homage to the biker culture, which grew in popularity in America in the 1960s and continued to the present. The setting is inspired by western South Dakota, a popular location for bike riders, largely due to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the Black Hills.

Kubrick County missions

Kubrick County is the eastern-most territory of the explorable game, and makes up the eastern portion of the great plains. It is a region with yellow wheat fields and numerous hills and cliffs.

Protagonist Gavin Wright arrives in the midwestern state of South Yankton, and tries to gain access to the city of New Gaspard to compete in professional races. Missions in this county involve Gavin's attempt to assimilate in this foreign region and gain allies that can help him become better and more knowledgeable in vehicle racing and maintenance, along with several obstacles that threaten him and his chances of competing. Many of these missions have Gavin as the driver with additional help as required.

Kubrick County is the eastern section of the great plains. There are 32 missions in the main thread in Kubrick County.


Gavin's father Dalton has called a friend of his (Clay) living in South Yankton and asks him to help his boy out by getting him settled in the state.

Name/Map Location Objective Significance Unlocks
This Is Not Purgatory Drive Clay's pickup truck to his garage. Meet Lawrence and Victor. The starting mission. Introduces the player character Gavin, along with the characters Clay, Lawrence, and Victor. Driving tutorial. Gavin reveals he wants to compete in the races in New Gaspard. Gavin gets hired as garage employee. Supplier Maker
Kubrick County access
A bed in Clay's garage/home.

Supplier Maker

Drive Clay to the meeting place. Chase and kill the double-crosser. Drive back to the garage. First violent encounter. First chase. Locomotive Breath

Locomotive Breath

Fix Clay's pickup, and drive around the surrounding wasteland. Escape from the bandits. Car repair tutorial. Get a feel of driving around Kubrick County. First bandit encounter. Get Your Gun

Get Your Gun

Take Lawrence to the gun dealer, and test out the weapons. Gun tutorial. The character Kurtis is introduced. Kurtis' gun store is accessible. Yard Junkie (Clay)
Tanker Rigging (Lawrence)
Curtis' gun store

Clay (C)

Clay is the owner of the Stillwater Auto vehicle repair shop. He speaks in a gruff southern-drawl.

Name Objective Significance Unlocks

Yard Junkie

Drive with Clay to a junkyard nearby, and kill all the bandits. Take some spare parts and drive back to the garage. First gunfight. One-Day Clearance

One-Day Clearance

Modify Clay's pickup. Drive to the abandoned convenience store for parts, defend Kevin's gang from bandits. Car modding tutorial. Introduces the characters Kevin, Oz, Audrey, Cisco, Clyde, Donna, and Nicole. Introduces the convenience store that Kevin and co. live in. Circle Jerks
Medicine Men (Kevin)

Circle Jerks

Defend the garage from a motorcycle gang. First encounter with a motorcycle gang. Scrapper's Delight

Scrapper's Delight

Take a vehicle to the scrap heap and crush it. Kill the bandits with the crusher. Earning more of Clay's respect. Access to the crusher. Negotiator (Kevin)

Lawrence (L)

Lawrence is a young apprentice of Clay's. He has an energetic and near-psychotic personality. Long black hair.

Name Objective Significance Unlock

Tanker Rigging

Drive with Lawrence to a biker bar, and steal the big rig. Evade the rednecks that throw dynamite at you. Gavin earns respect from Lawrence. Speed


Mod a car and race with Lawrence against other racers in the town. First race. Favorite Pass-times
Access to races in the town.

Favorite Pass-times

Coax out the farmer by blowing up his cows with dynamite. Knock out the farmer and take him back to the garage. The farmer is taken hostage. Slow Ride

Slow Ride

With the farmer tied to the car, drive with Lawrence and try to coax the farmer to tell the location of the parts he stole. Retrieve the parts. The stolen vehicle parts are retrieved. Rattle and Roll (Clay) (with Free Ride (Oz) and On Ice (Dana))

Kevin (K)

Kevin is the leader of a group of survivalists that live in a convenience store.

Name Objective Significance Unlock

Medicine Men

Go Kevin and his men to the hospital in the town over. Find the medicine inside and head back to the store. Cisco can now be properly healed. Introduces the New Gaspard Police Force. It's An Improvement
Buyer Beware (Oz)

It's An Improvement

Modify your weapon with Audrey, and shoot targets around the store. Weapon modding tutorial. Jailbreak


Use Kevin's modded vehicle to bust out his friend from a nearby prison complex. Kevin's friend Millie is broken out of prison. The NGPF will now investigate this event. Dawn to Dusk

Dawn to Dusk

Kill the cannibals living in the abandoned shack using chainsaws. Kevin's son was killed by the cannibals living in the old mansion. Kevin can now rest knowing his son has been avenged. Negotiator


Drive to the bar to make a deal, save Kevin and the dealer (Dana) from the gunfight. Drive back to the store with Kevin and Dana. Introduces the character Dana Meyer. Kevin gets vehicle parts from Dana. She's a Rebel (Dana)

Oz (O)

Oz is a vehicle dealer and part of Kevin's gang.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Buyer Beware

Deliver the vehicle parts to the three locations, collect the pay. Chase and kill the bikers that don't pay up. Gavin earns respect from Oz. Free Ride

Free Ride

Reclaim a stolen car. Stealth tutorial. Introduces the rich family. Rattle and Roll (Clay) (with Slow Ride (Lawrence) and On Ice (Dana))

Dana Meyer (D)

Dana is the female employee of Borland Motors.

Name Objectives Significance Unlock

She's a Rebel

Take Dana back home by crossing through the canyon. Gavin takes Dana back to Rosterburg. The character Charlie Borland is introduced. Biker Women From Venus

Biker Women From Venus

Race Dana on motorbikes. Just a friendly race between Gavin and Dana. Also a way of exploring the land around the town. On Ice
For the Good of the Company (Charlie)

On Ice

Reclaim the stolen parts from the bandit hideout in the boat on the frozen lake. Introduces the ice vehicle parts. Rattle and Roll (Clay) (with Slow Ride (Lawrence) and Free Ride (Oz))

Charlie (C)

Charlie Borland is the owner of Borland Motors. Voiced by Woody Harrelson.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

For the Good of the Company

Steal the vehicle parts from the train headed to New Gaspard. Borland Motors gets some high-class vehicle parts. Midnight Toker

Midnight Toker

Find Charlie's brother Emmett. Follow the directions of an acquaintance of Emmett's. The character Emmett is introduced. Strange Brew

Strange Brew

Take Charlie and Emmett back to the barn where Emmett was found. Find the secret laboratory hidden underneath. Emmett makes some strange liquid. Gavin encounters liquid water for the first time in his life. They're Just Smaller
Sweet Leaf (Emmett)

They're Just Smaller

Race miniature cars against others around the town. Just a fun spin on racing. Raining Blood (Dana) (with Legalize It (Emmett) and Going Places (Clay))

Emmett (Em)

Emmett is Charlie's botanist brother, who makes a living growing and selling marijuana.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Sweet Leaf

Find plants in the wilderness for Emmett's drug recipe. Emmett now has the supplies he needs. Introduces the plant-gathering side-objective. Legalize It

Legalize It

Deliver drugs to a biker clubhouse with Emmett. Kill all the NGPF officers that set up the sting. Emmett and Gavin bond by smoking weed together. Raining Blood (Dana) (with They're Just Smaller (Charlie) and Going Places (Clay))


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Rattle and Roll

Use the minigun on Clay's pickup to defend the convoy. Clay can safely deliver the supplies to the town. Going Places

Going Places

Win a race at the Outer Limit Speedway and get sponsored by Stillwater Auto. Gavin's first big-time race. Gavin gets sponsored. Raining Blood (Dana) (with They're Just Smaller (Charlie) and Legalize It (Emmett))


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Raining Blood

Kill off the troublesome bikers in the town. The "epic battle" mission that leads to the next act. Into the Void

Into the Void

Get sponsored by Borland Motors. Pick up and deliver the package back to Kevin's store. After getting arrested by the police, escape the New Gaspard prison with Eddy. Gavin's second sponsor. Kevin, Gavin and the rest of the group get arrested by the NGPF. Bizmark's rebellion is introduced, as well as the characters Eddy and Bizmark. Gavin enters New Gaspard. Bizmark tells Eddy of his mistake, and forces Gavin to help them find the true vehicle mechanic. New Moon Rising (Eddy)
Access to New Gaspard, and the rest of Fisher County.

New Gaspard/Fisher County missions

Gavin, now inside the city of New Gaspard, has found himself working for a rebellious group aiming to take down the corrupt government that runs the city. Gavin also works to try and get Kevin and his gang out of the city prison, as well as find a way to take part in the competitive races in the city.

Fisher County is the northern/northeastern region of the state, and makes up the northern part of the great plains. There are 37 missions dedicated for New Gaspard and Fisher County (25 in New Gaspard, 5 in Gaspard ruins, and 7 in the rest of Fisher County). These missions consist of minor objectives which will take you around the city and meet its diverse locals, as well as the surrounding plains and the desolate ruins of the old city of Gaspard.

Eddy (Ed)

Eddy is a newly recruited member of Bizmark's rebels, who mistakenly breaks Gavin out of the New Gaspard prison.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

New Moon Rising

Fix the vehicles in the rebel's garage. Drive to the illegal parts dealer and buy the parts. Evade the police. Gavin's first job for the rebels. Introduces the poorer part of the city. Introduces the more advanced NGPF that patrol the city. Hand Signals
No More Lies (Bizmark)

Hand Signals

Test out the Magnet Glove in the scrapyard. Disrupt the police blockade in the city. Evade the police. Introduces the Magnet Glove ability. Pedal to the Metal

Pedal to the Metal

Join Eddy and his friend Rufus at the diner. Steal the bicycles. Ride to Rufus' bicycle shop. Introduces the character Rufus. Bicycle-riding tutorial. Introduces Rufus' bike shop. Constant Motion (Rufus)

The Hot Seat

Go to the Acropolis Radio Station. Get interviewed by the radio host. Gavin is interviewed on air. The interview is aired to make people aware that Gavin is trying to compete in the races. At All Costs (Lex) (with Just a Friend (Bizmark))

Bizmark (Bm)

Bizmark is the leader of a gang of rebels that plan to overthrow the corrupt New Gaspard police force. Gavin works for him in order to free Kevin and his gang, find the vehicle mechanic that was taken by the police, and overthrow the corrupt officials in the city.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

No More Lies

Burn down the propaganda posters and fliers. Bizmark mentions Zeke, the vehicle mechanic that Eddy was supposed to bust out of prison. Gavin agrees to help out Bizmark's cause. Bizmark sees Gavin as a rookie recruit, and sends him out to do rookie work. Blueprints Brothers

Blueprints Brothers

Sneak into the industrial warehouse. Take photos of the floor plans of the New Gaspard prison, as well as Nero's Paradise night club. Gavin takes photos of the floor plans of two locations that will play roles in later Bizmark missions. Just a Friend

Just a Friend

Meet Malcolm in the basketball courts. Drive to Malcolm's house. Chase down the gang member. The character Malcolm is introduced. Malcolm is going to help Gavin find Zeke. White Hawk Can't Jump (Malcolm)
At All Costs (Lex) (with The Hot Seat (Eddy))

Rufus (R)

Rufus is a bearded cowboyish white man that owns a bicycle shop in New Gaspard. Gavin works with/for him in order to get better vehicle parts.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Constant Motion

Test out the brakes on the 5 newly built bicycles by going down the ramp. Gavin gets hired by Rufus to work at the bike shop. Made in Gaspard

Made in Gaspard

Take the phony bicycle part to the DNA examiner. Locate the parts thief and get the stolen parts back. Gavin working for Rufus ensures that Gavin will be getting some nice vehicle parts, as well as sponsorship. In it to Win It (Lex) (with One-Hour Photo (Lex))

Lex (Lx)

Lex Palinski is a city official, and is interested in having Gavin compete in the races. Gavin works for him in exchange for getting into the racing league.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

At All Costs

Kill the washed-out racer. The character Lex Palinski is introduced. Gavin is closer to professionally competing in the New Gaspard races. Bizmark warns Gavin of Lex, saying he should kill him now when he has the chance. Gavin dismisses Bizmark's advice. One-Hour Photo

One-Hour Photo

Take photos of a racer to blackmail him. Gavin unknowingly removes another racer from the competition. In it to Win It

In it to Win It

Win first place in 5 of the New Gaspard Grand Prix races. (This mission can overlap with others) Gavin finally competes in the professional races, the reason he came to South Yankton in the first place. Playing With the Big Boys

Playing With the Big Boys

Avoid Lex's gang's gunfire. Escape through the gator-infested sewer. The races are revealed to be fixed and Lex's offering of allowing others to race is a scam. Gavin seeks revenge on Lex Palinski. Gavin tells Bizmark of the conspiracy, and Bizmark prepares for the upcoming assault. E.M.P. (Bizmark) (with Home Away From Home (Kevin))

Malcolm (M)

Malcolm is a young man living in the ghetto of New Gaspard, usually plays basketball with his mates. Gavin works with him to get a police radio and a police disguise.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

White Hawk Can't Jump

Learn how to play basketball with Malcolm. Win the game. Basketball minigame is introduced. Gavin befriends Malcolm. Gangster's Wasteland

Gangster's Wasteland

Shoot up some rival gang hideouts. Rescue Malcolm's gangmate in the frozen canal. Malcolm shows Gavin around the neighborhood and tells of how controlling the NGPF is. Malcolm respects Gavin a bit more. Rakim in the Free World

Rakim in the Free World

Drive with Malcolm and pick up Darnell from the police station. Take Darnell to his parent's house. Kill the bandits in the house. The character Darnell (Rakim) is introduced. Darnell's parents' house had been overrun by bandits in the 10 years he was in prison. Darnell decides to live in the house. Radio Free Yankton
Phalse Prophits (Darnell/Rakim)

Radio Free Yankton

Steal the police radio and escape the NGPF on the subway. Using the Magnet Glove to latch onto objects tutorial. Gavin now has the police radio that can be used to find the missing Zeke in What's the Frequency, Gavin? Sheepskinning (wih Paid in Full (Darnell))
What's the Frequency, Gavin? (Bizmark)

Darnell/Rakim (DR)

Darnell was an unrelenting gangster when Malcolm was a young boy, however was incarcerated for 10 years for a crime he did not commit. During his time, he had converted to Islam and changed his name to Rakim. After being released from prison, Rakim finds that his parents are gone, and reflects on his life and his actions that led to his life being the way it is.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Phalse Prophits

Go to the underground racing arena and find out who framed Rakim. Clues will lead to Gavin and Rakim finding the man that framed Rakim. Gavin is introduced to the underground racing track. Paid in Full
Access to underground racing arena.

Paid in Full

Drive to the fairgrounds. Chase and kill the man that framed Rakim. Rakim can now return the favor to Gavin in Sheepskinning. Sheepskinning (Malcolm) (with Radio Free Yankton (Malcolm))


Now that Rakim has had closure, he is ready to return the favor to Gavin.

Name Objectives Unlocks


Steal the police uniforms Malcolm and Rakim help Gavin break into the police academy and steal police uniforms for the mission Break Out!. Break Out! (Bizmark) (with What's the Frequency, Gavin? (Bizmark))


With Malcolm and Rakim's help, Gavin has the equipment needed to find the missing vehicle mechanic and free Kevin and his gang.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

What's the Frequency, Gavin?

Use the radio signal to find the vehicle mechanic (Zeke). Radio-tuning tutorial. The character Zeke is introduced. Zeke is rescued and can now fix the Vulture (helicopter) for use in the mission Lounge Act. Bizmark can now help Gavin in freeing Kevin and co.. Break Out! (with Sheepskinning (Malcolm))

Break Out!

Use the police disguise to bust Kevin and his gang out of the New Gaspard prison. Kevin and co. have been busted out of prison. Home Away From Home (Kevin)


Kevin and his gang have been busted out of the New Gaspard prison. It's not safe back at the store, so Gavin will have to find a new place for them to stay.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Home Away From Home

Drive back to the store with Kevin and his gang. Drive to the biker hangout so Kevin and co. can live there. Kevin and his gang will now live with the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club in Fisher County, in exchange for their vehicle-maintenance services. Introduces the character Rodney and the other members of the IHMC. E.M.P. (Bizmark) (with Playing with the Big Boys (Lex))
A bed in the Iron Horsemen MC hangout.


Bizmark had warned Gavin of Lex, and Gavin now wants Lex dead. The following missions will help in bringing him to justice.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks


Sneak into the shield generator and plant the EMP charges. The city of New Gaspard is protected by an electromagnetic field, generated in a building in the industrial district. Gavin places EMP charges that will be used to disable the shield in the next mission Lounge Act. Lounge Act

Lounge Act

Enter the Nero's Paradise night club and fight the guards. Kill Lex Palinski. Escape from the club via the Vulture (helicopter) piloted by Zeke. Lex Palinski is killed, Gavin has his revenge, however decides to stay away from the city for a while until everything settles down. The death of Lex alerts other city officials and makes them go into hiding in the Black Hills. The characters Kris and the rest of the rebels are introduced in the aftermath cutscene. One Man Short (Kris)
It's Not a Motorcycle, Gavin (Jake)

After escaping from New Gaspard, Zeke lands the Vulture in the ruins of old Gaspard. The rebel hideout in the ruins is accessible, as is the entire ruins itself. Bizmark proceeds to sneak back into the city along with the rest of the rebels that joined in Lounge Act.

Kris (Kr)

Several of Bizmark's rebels work away from the rebel base, out in the wasteland. Kris is the leader of the group that set up camp in the ruins of old Gaspard in Fisher County. Gavin works with them in order to diminish and overthrow the police force presence in Gaspard and eventually the rest of the wasteland.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

One Man Short

Scout the ruins of Gaspard and kill NGPF officers. Destroy the tanks. Chase down the officers on bikes. Gavin gets a feel of the action in the Gaspard ruins. The rebels destroy a few NGPF tanks, weakening their offense. The officers on bikes must be killed before they reach and alert the NGPF base. Shock Block

Shock Block

Plant bombs on the 5 power generators hidden throughout the ruins. The NGPF base in the ruins is powered by 5 guarded power generators. The bombs will be detonated in the mission Blah. Smuggling Act

Smuggling Act

Use the stolen NGPF truck to sneak past bridge checkpoints. Drive across the bridge and pick up supplies in New Gaspard. Drive back without causing any suspicion. The bridge connecting New Gaspard with Gaspard is accessible. Gavin uses the NGPF uniform he stole earlier in Sheepskinning in order to sneak past the guards at the checkpoints. Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Disrupt the construction of the wall by killing the workers and destroying the cranes. Escape through the tunnels with the flamethrower. The wall is an impenetrable barrier that surrounds the perimeter of the city center. However, it's not quite finished, and this mission will prevent the completion of the wall, leaving a gap to cross into. Make Peace Through War (with Gettin' Tanked (Jake) and School's Out (Mr. Mars))

Jake (J)

Jake is the leader of the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club. Gavin works with him to learn the ways of the biker gang, and to build allies for the future attack on the New Gaspard city officials. He is voiced by Jason Lee.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

It's Not a Motorcycle, Gavin

Ride with the IHMC to the Salvage Drive. Kill the enemy gang that crashes the event. Gavin rides with an actual biker gang, and becomes closer to being a member of the gang. Tiptoe


Ride to the bar. Shadow a duo of rival bikers. Survive the gunfight in the canyon. The rival club have stolen several high-tech bikes from the IHMC. This is simply getting them back. Jake mentions his son Izzy in the pre-cutscene, saying how he hasn't been very good in school lately and has gone off to who-knows-where. In the aftermath cutscene, Jake tells Gavin to go to Izzy's school and find him. Gettin' Tanked
Pedalfiliated (Mr. Mars)

Gettin' Tanked

Chase and take command of a tanker rig. Drive it up the mountain and ditch the tank as it drives off the cliff. The enemy clubhouse is situated at the base of a mountain. The tanker plummets down and blows the clubhouse up. Make Peace Through War (with Arrested Development (Kris) and School's Out (Mr. Mars))

Mr. Mars (MM)

Mr. Mars is a fat, middle-aged school professor and principal of Foxfoot School. He is the teacher of Jake's son, Izzy.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks


Drive the school bus and pick up kids. Defend the children from bandits. The character Mr. Mars is introduced. Gavin does a favor for Mr. Mars, which will also help him find Jake's son Izzy by asking the kids where he can be found. Wild in the Streets (Izzy)

Izzy (I)

Izzy is the teenage son of Jake. A troubled youth that cuts class in favor of skateboarding in New Gaspard, and playing guitar.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Wild in the Streets

Teach the punks some skateboarding skills. Evade the enemy punks with bombs by riding through the streets, protecting Izzy. Skateboarding tutorial. The character Izzy is introduced, although he was mentioned before. Gavin is a pro skateboarder, and teaches the punks a thing or two after being taunted. Izzy gets persuaded by Gavin to go back to school in exchange for his help. Mr Wright (Mr. Mars)

Mr. Mars

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Mr. Wright

Teach the students about weapon safety. Advanced weapon techniques tutorial. School's Out

School's Out

Kill the bandits in the school. Bandits have broken into the school and have caused havoc in the hallways and classrooms. Izzy is among the students trapped. Make Peace Through War (with Arrested Development (Kris) and Gettin' Tanked (Jake))


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Make Peace Through War

Assault the NGPF base in the ruins. Chase down Noe Stallone with Kris as she drives the minigun truck. Fly with Zeke in a Vulture and shoot down Noe's Vulture. This is the epic battle that consists of the rebels removing the NGPF occupation of the ruins. The character Noe Stallone is introduced, who is a city official and head of the NGPF. Noe survives the Vulture crash, and calls the NGPF officers to retreat to Andrew County. Kris and the rebels are successful, and set base in Andrew County. Cheap Thrills
Access to the Badlands/Andrew County.

Badlands/Andrew County missions

Things have taken a turn for the worst for Gavin. The dream of living a life of luxury by competing in the New Gaspard races is shattered as the races have been revealed to be fixed. Gavin, seeking revenge, joins Bizmark's rebellion in an effort to hunt down the men responsible for the corruption of the city, and the only way to them is through the Badlands of Andrew County. The Badlands offers a variety of missions to help Gavin and the rebels break through the NGPF blockade that blocks the entrance to Rumme County. Missions in the game will have Gavin explore the rugged terrain of the Badlands, get exposed to Native American cultures and lifestyles, and help a heavy metal band play a show in the largest bar in South Yankton.

There are 19 story missions in Andrew County.


Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Cheap Thrills

Go to the Gun and Aid supply store in the Badlands. Kris explains to Gavin that the barrier that blocks the entrance to the Black Hills (Rumme County) is the same type of wall that surrounded the city center in Gaspard. The only difference is it's completed, which means it's impenetrable to any known force, leaving the gang to figure out how to cross. The character Aaron Picotte is introduced.


Go to Vank Hoff Hotel and set up a D.A. car by planting weed in his car's trunk. Valet's uniform used for Valet Missions (available) Deconstruction


Destroy the portables on construction site behind your garage with Bulldozer and bury the foreman in cement for calling Kendl a hooker. Jethro calls to alert you to Driving School Photo Opportunity


Aaron Picotte is a Native American man living in the Badlands of Andrew County. Aaron is a cheap and stingy early-20s man that tries to get everything free in life. His grandfather has told him stories of how back in the day, Native Americans got free healthcare and aid, however Aaron has taken the stories too far and aims at trying to live a life without buying anything. Aaron and the rest of the Native Americans dislike the use of gas-powered vehicles, using human-powered vehicles in favor of them. Gavin helping Aaron will actually help Gavin and the gang find a way to get past the barrier.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Wherever the Wind Takes You

Ride the Whirlygig (flying contraption) with Aaron and snag some buffalo in the badlands. Aaron's village is introduced. The character Dakota is introduced, who is Aaron's grandfather. Dakota mentions an ancient machine he once saw as a kid, which will later be revealed to be the Behemoth.

Supply Lines...

Use RC Baron to kill all five of Berkley's couriers and land back on Zero's roof. $5000 New Model Army

New Model Army

Control RC Goblin and help Zero's RC Bandit defeat Berkley in RC BattleGround. $7000 Zero RC as an asset


Izzy is doing much better now that he's getting his life together. Now finished with school, he's taken up residence in his dad's old home in the Badlands, and wants to form a heavy metal band.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

I Wanna Rock

Drive to the Javelin with Izzy and witness the band performance. Get backstage and talk to the band members. Izzy, now out of school, wants to perform in a heavy metal band. The Javelin is the largest bar in South Yankton, complete with its own stage, and Izzy wants to play live somehow. Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Can't Keep a Good Man Down

Kidnap Riley Stubbs, guitarist of Nuclear Fleas, from their mansion. Drive the kidnapped The kidnapping of Riley will cause the Nuclear Fleas to look for a new guitarist, giving Izzy a chance to take his place. No Fancy Stage Aesthetics

No Fancy Stage Aesthetics

Steal flamethrowers from the arsenal. Steal searchlights from the military base. Steal dry ice barrels from the underground lab. These materials are going to be used for stage purposes. The flamethrowers are for pyrotechnics, the searchlights are for spotlights, and the dry ice barrels are makeshift fog machines. The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Witness the Nuclear Fleas performance. Defend the stage from Riley and a gang of bikers backstage. $7000


Clear the roadblocks with Rockets for the yay shipment van. $9000 Snail Trail

Vince Doolittle

Vince is a prospector/miner that works in the badlands. Gavin works with him in order to find the Behemoth.

Name Objectives Significance Unlocks

Dig it a Hole

Do something with your life! Meh The next mission for this guy cause he's a lazy fuck.

Ran Fa Li

Retrieve the car for Ran Fa Li from the airport and return to warehouse. $6000


Use decoy Rancher to lure the Da Nang Boys out to Angel Pine and give them a chase. $8000
Amphibious Assault

Amphibious Assault

Swim to Vietnamese' ship and plant a bug. $11,000
The Da Nang Thang

The Da Nang Thang

Attack the Vietnamese' ship with minigun from the chopper (lose all weapons during crash)
Rescue the refugees aboard the ship
Kill The Snakehead
Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (after Toreno's Last Flight)

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Snail Trail

Follow the train to Los Santos
Follow the skittish reporter (Spook-o-metre)
Assassinate both reporter and informant on Santa Maria Pier Yacht Harbor
None Ice Cold Killa

Loco Syndicate

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Ice Cold Killa

Visit the Pleasure Domes to finish the pimp, Jizzy B. $12,000
Pier 69

Pier 69

Kill all the Rifa guards using the sniper rifle, attack rest on foot and assassinate T-Bone Mendez and former friend Ryder. $15,000
Toreno's Last Flight

Toreno's Last Flight

Destroy the chopper containing Mike Toreno to kill him. $18,000 Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

Get the wired car from a bomb-shop in Downtown San Fierro
Detonate the car inside the yay factory in Doherty
Wang Cars showroom for sale (after completing Driving School)
Tierra Robada, Bone County, Las Venturas access

Wang Cars

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Back to School

Complete the Driving School Increased Driving Skill
Vehicle spawns in front of the school depending on the medals you won
Wang Cars showroom for sale (after Yay Ka-Boom-Boom)

Zeroing In

Follow and steal a car from a woman $5000
Uranus in the showroom
Wheel Arch Angels
Test Drive

Test Drive

Steal (with Cesar) two cars from Otto's Autos $5000
Elegy and Sultan in the showroom
Customs Fast Track

Customs Fast Track

Retrieve a car from container in Easter Basin using a crane $10,000
Savanna in the showroom
Exports and Imports
Puncture Wounds

Puncture Wounds

Use stingers (spikes) to acquire a car $5000
Stratum in the showroom
Wang Cars showroom as an asset

Black Hills/Rumme County missions

These series of missions take place in the most major area of the game: The Black Hills. Gavin will find himself trekking across a vast forest region, complete with renditions of Mt. Rushmore (Mt. Borglum) the Crazy Horse statue, and the towns of Sturgis, Deadwood, Lead, Rapid City, and Keystone

There are 25 story missions in this region.

Mike Toreno

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Use monster truck to get through the checkpoints around Tierra Robada before 6:30 1st: $5000
2nd: $4000
3rd: $3000
4th: $2000
5th: $1000


Jack a Tanker truck on the highway with Cesar $7000 Interdiction


Protect Toreno's allied helicopter from enemy choppers in Arco del Oeste, retrieve the package, then deliver it to Las Brujas $1000 Verdant Mission

Verdant Meadows

Buy Verdant Meadows airstrip cost $80,000 Save point (no closet) at Verdant Meadows airfield Learning to Fly
Race tournament access (will open after received a call from Jethro in the middle of the mission) (Must finish Puncture Wounds first)

Verdant Meadows Airstrip

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Learning to Fly

Finish Flying School Increased Flying Skill
Plane parked in the airstrip depending of the medals you won
Fender Ketchup


Deliver the package from Toreno to Angel Pine agents using a Rustler, but Nap-of-the-Earth (radar) $15,000 Stowaway


Use a bike to catch and board the Andromada cargo-plane
Plant an explosive aboard
Use stolen parachute and escape.
$20,000 Black Project

Black Project

Break into Area 69 and steal the black project None Green Goo

Green Goo

Use the newly-acquired jetpack to steal green goo from the military train $20,000
Verdant Meadow airstrip as an asset
Jetpack spawning at the airstrip
Saint Mark's Bistro (after Freefall and High Noon)

Jayne County missions

CJ has regained much of his former status, maybe even improved it. He now owns assets in several businesses in San Fierro and also partnership in Woozie's casino. These missions basically ensure that C.J. survives the powerful competition of the Venturas mob element and asserts his gains towards reducing their threat.

There are 19 story missions in Las Venturas.

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Fender Ketchup

Scare Johnny Sindacco $5000
Explosive Situation

Explosive Situation

Steal the dynamite from a quarry $7,000
You've Had Your Chips
Architectural Espionage
Quarry Mission

You've Had Your Chips

Get to the factory where Sindacco make fake chips and destroy their machines $10,000
Don Peyote

Don Peyote

Rescue Kent Paul and Maccer from the desert Respect Intensive Care


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Architectural Espionage

Go to the Las Venturas City Planning Department and photograph Caligula's Palace blueprint Respect Key to Her Heart

Key to Her Heart

Follow the Caligula croupier; Millie Perkins. Don't spook her Respect
Millie Perkins as a girlfriend
Dam and Blast

Dam and Blast

Plant explosives in Generator Hall of Sherman Dam Respect Cop Wheels

Cop Wheels

Steal four police bikes and load them onto the circling Packer for Woozie Respect Up, Up and Away!

Up, Up and Away!

Steal a Cargobob from K.A.C.C. Fuels
Use its magnet to grab a Securicar and deliver to Airstrip.
Leviathan at Verdant Meadows
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Intensive Care

Rescue Johnny Sindacco from the Forelli Family $5000
The Meat Business

The Meat Business

Take Ken Rosenberg to abattoir
Escape from the abattoir alive
Fish in a Barrel
Madd Dogg

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Retrieve the dossier from an agent at Aldea Malvada None High Noon (after Freefall)

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Fish in a Barrel

Meet Wu Zi at The Four Dragons Casino to sign ownership deal with Ran Fa Li. None None

Madd Dogg

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Madd Dogg

Save Madd Dogg from falling, then take him to Ivory Towers Rehab before he dies. None High Noon

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Get a Dodo from Las Venturas International Airport
Catch up with the plane full of Forelli hitmen
Kill them and land the plane at the airport
High Noon

Frank Tenpenny

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

High Noon

Meet C.R.A.S.H. at the desert ghost town where they intend to eliminate both Hernandez and C.J.
Chase (white Buffalo) and kill Eddie Pulaski
None Saint Mark's Bistro

Caligula's Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Saint Mark's Bistro

Take a flight to Liberty City and assassinate the Forelli gang members in Marco's Bistro. $20,000
Didier Sachs
A Home in the Hills
Breaking the Bank at Caligula's


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

Rob the Caligula's Palace. $100,000 None

The Four Dragons Casino

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

A Home in the Hills

Recover Madd Dogg's Crib from Vagos druglord Big Poppa,
who flees in his Phoenix and must be chased and eliminated.
Madd Dogg's Crib
Vertical Bird

Los Santos missions

CJ has money, power, and respect, but his conscience still nags him about the unfinished business in the 'hood. He's been watching lame acts audition and wants some real closure on his sense of pending duty. He has to go back and reclaim the old neighborhood. With the news of Madd Dogg's release, it appears the time has arrived.

There are 8 story missions in Los Santos after the return.

Carl Johnson

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Vertical Bird

Steal a Hydra jet from the S.F. Naval Base
Use it to destroy the spy ships in Tierra Robada
Land the Hydra at Verdant Meadows.
Hydra at Verdant Meadows
Home Coming

Home Coming

Pick up Sweet at Pershing Square LCPD
Retake the cul-de-sac.
Respect Cut Throat Business
Beat Down On B Dup

Cut Throat Business

Chase OG Loc to the Record Label using the Vortex and Kart. Respect
(also Vortex and Kart spawn around SA)
Riot (after Grove 4 Life)


Name Objectives Reward Unlocks

Beat Down On B Dup

Retake Glen Park to locate B Dup and Big Bear. Respect Grove 4 Life

Grove 4 Life

Retake Idlewood (require 2 of 4 hoods to end) and don't let Sweet die. $10,000
Riot (after Cut Throat Business)

Final missions

Name Objectives Reward Unlocks


Drive Sweet to Ganton; avoid the riot. None Los Desperados

Los Desperados

Help Cesar and Varrios Los Aztecas retake El Corona from Los Santos Vagos. Respect End of the Line (after taking over 35% of gang territories in Los Santos)

End of the Line

Kill Big Smoke for his treachery, and rescue Sweet. $250,000
Game completion
100% completion rewards, if applicable

Radio Stations

Muffler FM

Genre: Biker rock
Station HQ: Kubrick County
DJ: Murphy "Sixgun" Fonda

Steppenwolf - Born to be Wild
Eric Clapton - Cocaine
ZZ Top - La Grange
Blondie - Call Me
AC/DC - Highway to Hell
Ram Jam - Black Betty
Bad Company - Bad Company
Black Crowes - Hard to Handle
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance
Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe
The Stone Roses - Love Spreads
Canned Heat - On the Road Again
Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky
Ted Nugent - Stranglehold
The Hollies - Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

Muffler FM, broadcasted from somewhere in Kubrick County, is a "biker rock" radio station. The station plays songs that are (for lack of a better term) related to the biker culture, and is DJ'd by Murphy "Sixgun" Fonda, a man that has close connections to several biker gangs in the state.

Acropolis Radio

Genre: Skate rock, Skate punk, hardcore punk, action rock
Station HQ: Fisher County (New Gaspard)
DJ: Matt Slumdog

Circle Jerks - Wild in the Streets
Rage Against the Machine - Testify
Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed
Nirvana - Lounge Act
Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Acropolis Radio is a skater rock/punk station, broadcast from the middle-class neighborhoods of New Gaspard. The station is hosted/DJ'd by Matt Slumdog, a young white man that speaks in a hardcore punk style of singing. The setlist is mostly comprised of hardcore punk/skate punk songs, however high-energy alternative songs are also in the mix that give a similar vibe to the punk tracks. The station is played in the indoor skate park.

Black Hills Broadcasting

Genre: Country
Station HQ: Rumme County (Black Hills)
DJ: Greg Almond, an 82-year-old white man with a habit of forgetting things.

Willie Nelson - On the Road Again
Doris Day - The Black Hills of Dakota
Roy Rogers - Ride Concrete Cowboy, Ride
Michael Parks - Then Came Bronson
Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Came Down to Georgia
Boxcar Willie - Freightliner Fever
Bobby Bare - 500 Miles Away From Home

Summit Records

Genre: Yodeling
Station HQ: Rumme County (Black Hills)
DJ: Hanky Hankovich, a man with a German accent.

The Old Chisholm Trail

Summit Records is a secluded radio station that broadcasts from a high mountain in the Black Hills. DJ'd by Hanky Hankovich, the station is comprised of yodeling songs.


Genre: Hip Hop
Station HQ: Fisher County (New Gaspard)
DJ: MC Squid, a black man broadcasting from the highest tower in New Gaspard.

Cypress Hill - The Phunky Pheel One
Poor Righteous Teachers - Holy Intellect
Yo-Yo - Ain't Nobody Better

Inferno FM

Genre: Metal
Station HQ: Andrew County (Badlands)
DJ: Souixsee Q, a Native American woman from Andrew County.

Motorhead - Ace of Spades
Pantera - Cowboys from Hell
Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood
Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills
Anthrax - Indians
Slayer - Angel of Death
Megadeth - Hangar 18
Metallica - Battery
White Zombie - Black Sunshine
Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell
Deep Purple - Speed King
Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien
Van Halen - On Fire
Tesla - Modern Day Cowboy

Inferno FM is a heavy metal station DJ'd by a woman calling herself Souixsee Q, a Native American that discovered the heavy metal records and fell in love with the way the tracks made her feel energetic and violent. She is very defensive and proud of her race, as heard when the tracks "Indians" and "Run to the Hills" are played.

FOS (Freedom of Speech)

Genre: Talk show
Station HQ: Unknown
DJs: Beehive Nebbsy, a man that speaks in a faux accent to hide his identity on the air.