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Present problems on the GTW

Note: This is a personal list for User:ZS documenting problems that could be addressed. There is no guarantee that they will be attended to.

  • Galleries not displaying properly.
    • Galleries can bizarrely appear with only three images per row instead of the default four, as the gallery width is bound by an unspecified limit. This problem is not visible in edit previews. "perrow" parameter is still working, but results in galleries which allow one less image per row than as defined by perrow (i.e. only 4 images per row when perrow value is 5).
    • Above-mentioned galleries will align to the left despite having instructions to align to the center.
  • Naming convention for titles (up for discussion).
    • Titles are all capitalized regardless of whether they are officially given or invented by editors, contrary to standard practice of large, established gaming wikis. Plain aesthetics cited as justification.
    • Aversion of disambiguated titles that employ parenthesis, being justified as being unwieldy. Better known gaming wikis do not hold back using these. Shortcuts are available to create piped wikilinks without parenthesis when editing, and the GTW lacks a "suggested link" plugin which both Wikipedia and Wikia have standard.
    • Use of "GTA eras"; justified as being "generally accepted" by fans. Wikipedia, where the term originated, has long dropped its usage and simply categorizes the games by "numbered" GTAs that established a new canon (GTA1, GTA2, GTA3 and GTA4).
  • Plugin for rich text editor resulting in significant memory usage (Resolved; plugin removed).
  • Many images which failed to be transferred from the GTA Wikia still unattended after more than half a year.
  • Petty use of Roman numerals and unnecessary capitalization in image names.
  • Mandatory use of images in infoboxes.

To do


  • Tina Jane dislikes being approached by requests to join the Epsilon Program.

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