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Game GTA Vice City
For Delores
Target Giving a ride to the V.I.P.
Location Kaufman Cabs
Reward $1000

V.I.P. is the first mission to be played for Delores, the Kaufman Cabs dispatcher, in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



A V.I.P. customer has asked for a ride to Escobar International Airport from his mansion in Starfish Island. So climb ito a cab and give him a ride.

The Mission

Once you get on the cab that starts the mission, you will be told you have one minute to get to Starfish Island and pick up a V.I.P. customer to take him to the airport. Make a quick drive to his masion, (but try ot to damage your cab since you'll need it in a good state for later). When you arrive to Starfish, park on the purple marker and sound the horn. The V.I.P. will get out of his house, but suddenly, a driver from VC Cabs will arrive and steal your fare, now you hae to get it back! Here there are two choices on how to do this, those are:

1) Ram-a-rama: In this method, you will have to ram and drive-by the other cab until the V.I.P. gets scared and limbs onto your cab, now you have to ake a drive to the airport, since the other driver will attack you to get te passager back, make it to the airport ad drop off the V.I.P.

2) Murder Will Get You Fares:: The other choice is to, as soon as the VC Cab seals your fare, get off the cab, pull out an assault rifle and shoot at the VC Cabs tires so it crashes, when he's crashed, hurry to the ca and kill the driver, then the V.I.P. will get out ad get out. Get inside your cab and pick him up, then drive him to the airport at your own pase, then drop him off.

Once you drop off the V.I.P., the mission is over.


(Kaufman Cabs, Delores and Tommy Vercetti).

Delores: OK, we got a high class fare needs pick up from Starfish Island - any takers?

Tommy: Tommy here, I'll take it!

(Starfish Island, VC Cabs Driver).

VC Cabs Driver: This is my fare, back off asshole!

(Tommy's cab, Tommy and V.I.P. Customer).

Tommy: Come on, Come on. Get in, quick!

V.I.P. Customer: OK, OK! Just don't hurt me!

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