Van Heist

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Van Heist

Joey Leone
For Joey Leone
Location Trenton
Reward $20,000
Unlocks Turismo and Cipriani's Chauffeur

Van Heist is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III that is given to protagonist Claude by Joey Leone from his garage in the Trenton area of Portland Island, Liberty City. The mission becomes available after completing the mission Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong.


Claude goes to Joey's garage in Trenton and Joey explains that they are planning to hit a Securicar pay role van. Joey instructs Claude to find a vehicle and ram the van until the driver bails. Joey then instructs Claude to take the van to a warehouse in Portland Harbor where some guys will get to the cash.

Claude drives to the and begins to ram the van, with the police getting involved. Claude continues to ram the van until the driver bails. Claude enters the van and takes it to the warehouse in Portland Harbor.


Joey Leone: Alright, we're gonna hit the pay role van. It leaves the edge of China Town everyday. Bullets won't even dent the van's armor, so get a car and ram it off the road. Now hit it hard and the punk ass security guard should bail. Then take it to the warehouse at the docks and my guys are gonna take over from there. Now it won't be doin' its rounds all day, so don't hang around.


The reward for completing the mission is $20,000 and the unlocking of two missions: Cipriani's Chauffeur and Turismo. The Securicar can also be delivered to the Import/Export Garage at Portland Harbor.


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