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Vehicle details encompass a range of minor details present on vehicles, which are mostly useless in gameplay but add to variety on vehicles that appear on the street. These include the range of colors, accessories, license plates, and model badges.


Vehicles are typically available in a variety of body colors, unless they are hard-coded with a actual texture, as is the case with the Sabre Turbo in GTA Vice City. For GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories, differing colors may be applied on both the body panels and trims (including the bumpers). After GTA III, vehicles may also appear with two tone-body colors, or even three (the Camper in GTA San Andreas).

While the range of colors on most vehicles are limited, third party garage editors can modify the colors of stored vehicles to the player's choosing for games; this may also be applied to gang cars. Transfender workshops in GTA San Andreas also allow the player to choose a range of custom colors for their vehicle.


"Accessories" do not simply refer to vehicle accessories per se, but include different models and livery that illustrate variety between the same model of vehicles that appear on the road. GTA III was the first game to apply such a feature, randomly assigning a specific "accessories" on a handful of vehicles, including industrial box trucks (the Mule and Yankee) (company liveries), the Patriot (truck bed design), the Stallion (top), the Taxi (taxi lights) and the Coach (bus company liveries). Since then, more vehicles provide such variety, expanding to include truck loads, car spoilers, paneling, extended roofs, continental kits, side bags and customized interiors, among others.

Customized vehicles or gang cars based on existing models are also depicted with additional accessories to distinguish them from their stock counterparts.