Verdant Meadows (mission)

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Verdant Meadows
Mike Toreno instructing Carl Johnson to purchase the Verdant Meadows airstrip

Mike Toreno instructing Carl Johnson to purchase the Verdant Meadows airstrip
Game GTA San Andreas
For Mike Toreno
Location Tierra Robada, Bone County
Reward the Verdant Meadows save point and Verdant Meadows airfield.
Unlocks Learning to Fly
Unlocked by Interdiction

Verdant Meadows is a "breather" mission given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Mike Toreno to purchase an abandoned airfield in Carl's name.

Mission Brief

Toreno says he used Sweet as an excuse to get you to do jobs for him. They aren't releasing him yet, but they are looking after him. Toreno needs Sweet alive as much as you do - apparently. After that last bit of work, there's a price on your head. Toreno needs you to start doing some real work.


Go to the abandoned airstrip in Verdant Meadows and buy it. It will cost you $80,000. If you don't have this amount of money, go out and earn it. Once you have purchased the property, go into the office where you will see a red marker. Walk into it, and you'll receive a phone call from Toreno. You will now enter Flight School since you are going to have to learn to fly. Toreno has set out a series of tests for you. Access these tests via the television in front of you. You must prove that you know how to fly, if you are to continue working towards your brother's freedom. You must obtain a score of 70% or above to pass each test. For each test you pass, your flying skill is upgraded (that is, if you haven't already got 100% flying skill). Walk into the red marker to begin.


  • This is the only mission, along with Jizzy, in which the player can save the game or do other missions during a mission.


The reward for this mission is increased Respect.


Video Walkthrough

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