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Did you mean Liberty City Bikers, led by Cedric "Wayne" Fotheringay?

Members of the Biker Gang in Vice City.

The Bikers are a gang in GTA Vice City - Simply put, they are "the biggest family of misfits, outcasts and badasses" as quoted by their leader, Big Mitch Baker. A group of stereotypical bikers, they wear leather, give off a gruff, tough persona, have long beards and hair, wear biker attire and ride chopper style motorcycles. Circa 1986, they are the only gang, along with the Cuban Gang, that Tommy Vercetti opens relations without forcibly taking it over.

The Hells Angels biker gang is the inspiration for the gang, as there were later seen to be hired as security for a concert of the hair metal band Love Fist. This is an obvious reference to the disastrous Rolling Stones' show at Altamont, where Hell's Angels were hired as security and an Angel stabbed a member of the crowd. They are heavily influenced by German Culture, for some of them have EisernKruez (Iron Cross) tattoos on their shoulders, as well as wearing Pickelhaubes.

File:Bikers GTA VCS.png
Member of the Bikers in GTA VCS

In GTA Vice City Stories, the Bikers are revealed to be a large gang owning several businesses across Vice City and appear to be at war with other local gangs the Sharks and Cholos for Empire sites. It is assumed that it was due to Victor Vance's takeovers that, by 1986, the once large gang is reduced to only the Greasy Chopper Bar in Downtown.