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Vice City FM is an exclusive radio station to Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. Named after Vice City, "VCFM" plays 1980s' pop music, and is hosted by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City radio DJ, Fernando Martinez. For some reason, in Episodes from Liberty City, Vice City FM replaces The Vibe 98.8 (especially because of its high number of songs and love being the main theme) in Grand Theft Auto IV.

DJ: Fernando Martinez

Genres: synthpop, pop rock



  • Evan Moss sings along to "Maneater" - Hall & Oates, in the opening sequence of the mission Bang Bang, this is the only time you can hear this song in the game if you own the downloadable version, as Vice City FM appears only on the Disc version.
  • "The Look" - Roxette is a song which plays in one of The Ballad of Gay Tony trailers. It's also played at a Strip Club if the player chooses for a 2nd or 3rd dance.
  • On an in-game poster advertising the radio station, there is a list of bands featured. Interestingly "Go West" and "Tears For Fears" are listed, but no songs are in the playlist, suggesting they were dropped during development, however, no song titles from these bands are seen in the file "american.gxt".
  • Speaking about "amercian.gxt", songs planned for the station, but dropped during development, are listed in the file "american.gxt" :
  • Vice City FM is not available in the downloadable versions of TLAD or TBOGT, only the disc version.
  • This radio station may be another nod at the many rumors floating around; that Vice City will be the next playable city in the GTA IV era.