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Your wanted level is determined by what crimes you commit. Your wanted level is measured by Wanted Stars, you can have up to six, each one having a different level of law enforcement being involved.

One Star

you get one star by commiting minor crimes:

  • punching someone
  • shooting someone
  • shooting/punching a car
  • destroying a car
  • driving into/shooting a police vehicle.
  • firing a weapon infront of a police officer

the response by the police is police officers near you will chase you and possibly shoot at you, if a police car is lose by it will follow you. However it is easy to loose them because they drive very slowly, and if you run long enough, they give up. Simply hiding will also loose the police. You will get busted if you stop and a police officer gets to your car, or if you fall of a bike/building and a police officer has time to get to you.

Two Stars

Two stars are attained by:

  • killing a pollice officer
  • destroying many cars at once.
  • killing many people in a short space of time.

The response to two stars is that police officers will shoot at you, police cars and bikes San Andreas will star chasing you at a respectable speed, and if stopped by a police car, they will brandish shotguns and take cover behind their car doors. Getting a bribe will loose one star and you can just hide from then, or you can visit a pay 'n' spray. If you're on water, police boats will apear bit only in open water and they'll barely do anything.

Three Stars

You get three stars by:

  • continuing to attack police officers
  • killing more civilians
  • destroying property
  • ecxessive property damage very quickly, eg: blowing up 7-10 cars at once

The response is small roadblacks will be set up with police cars and police officers shooting at you, a police helicopter will follow you, putting a spotlight on you; and if given the chance will shoot at you; they will also make funny remarks "i can see him, its a guy!". Police will become more aggressive, keeping up with you no matter what car you are driving and shooting at you at any chance. In Vice City spike strips will be layed out to pop your tires. Police bikes will also chase you consistantly and fire all the time. Police boats will fire at you a bit more.

Four Stars

You get four stars by:

  • continuing to shoot back at police
  • killing more civilians
  • more destruction of property
  • shooting down 2-3 police helicopters
  • extreme property damage eg: blowing up 20+ cars on a freeway via remote explosives San Andreas
  • enter a stae that you are not allowed into yet

Response is the SWAT team will chase you in their Enforcers armed with uzis; however they will not appear very frequently. Police helicopter will shoot at you all the time and drop swat members with uzis down on you if they get the chance. larger roadblocks with more agresssive firing and very agressive police cars/officers. The SWAT team will not react to you as expertly as you'd imagine; eg if you are hiding on a building they will not sneak up from behind but will drive into the wall below, get out and shoot. Note that police bikes will no longer appear, only ones left over from three stars will continue to chase you. Also shooting a police helicopter down with a sniper rifle just below its rotor blades will take it down without more stars being added San Andreas. A News Chopper will also follow you but wont do anything. Retaliation for crossing the border if you are flying is that Hydras will follow you, respawn if somehow taken down and never give up. As well as the chopper and SWAT team. Less civilians will be seen as well.

Five Stars

Attained if you:

  • continue to retaliate
  • take down 2-4 more police choppers
  • more property damage
  • fly over restricted base or Battleship

Response is the FBI will chase you in FBI Ranchers armed with SMG's. They will set up strong roadblocks that are likely to seriously damage/destroy you vehicle if not avoided. Note that all other police and SWAT members will no longer appear and only ones left over from four stars will continue to chase. The FBI are not too sophisticated either, still opting for the drive at target tactic. If you stay a certain distance away from a Rancher in an airport they will completely ignore you and drive in circles, hitting each other of there are more than one. going slightly closer, will trigger them to drive at you, but go back and they go back to smashing each other up. Flying over restricted base or Battleship results in SAM sites firing at you until you exit the plane/chopper, fly far away or get wasted. Alsmost no civilians around

Six Stars

Attained if you:

  • continue to shoot back
  • take down 2-4 more police choppers
  • more property damage

Response is the FBI stop spawning and the army take over chasing you, with Barrack Ols and Rhino tanks. They are armed with M4's and Shotguns. In Vice city they apparently have grenades, but if they do they never use or drop them. Roadblocks get set up with barrack Ols and they'll destroy most cars. If you are flying Hydras will give chase and never give up. By now there'll probably be no civilian cars left apart from at spawns, but thats probably the only way to legitimately loose the police, aside from bribes. you cant hold out ontop of a building forever without cheats as helicopters will continue to appear and you cant just loose stars. Sometimes if you drive around a freeway or in the countryside/desert long enought, you may loose a star but it takes time. Note that staying on a carpark level with a roof, but not ground floor will make the police give up and no choppers appear, but your wanted level will freeze and not go down.