Wanted Level in GTA 2

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GTA2 was the first GTA with six wanted levels, which, with only minimal changes appeared in all modern GTA's. Idea was great - As in GTA1 there was only minor difference between first and last, fourth wanted level now we got easy to run away level one, and almost unable to survive level sixth. This changed slightly in Vice City and San Andreas, where army is not so dangerous as in GTA2 and GTA3

Wanted level, same as in GTA1, is displayed and measured as "heads", but now we can also see them shaking when police knows our location and/or is chasing us.

Wanted Levels

  • One head - This is displayed when we commit some "minor" (in terms of GTA) crime - such as shooting few pedestriants, attacking a cop or exploding a car. One police car is send in our last known location, eg. they are checking wrecked car or place of a murder. If they won't find us they will drive away and our wanted level dissapears. Maximum of one cop car chasing us, cops are running slower than us.
  • Two heads - Very similiar to one head, but won't dissapear. Now cops can use maximum of 2 cop cars to chase us. To reach this level destroy few cars, kill 2 cops, or few more pedestrians.
  • Three heads - first "serious" wanted level. Now cops will form road blocks with armoured cops armed with pistols, normal cops will run now with full speed and be little more bulletproof.

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