Wanted Level in GTA Chinatown Wars

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The wanted level in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is substantially different from previous iterations. Rather than the proximity-based system used in Grand Theft Auto IV, it returns to a version similar to that of the GTA III era. The most notable difference to this is how stars are lost. Though over time they do lower themselves, and can still be lost at a Pay 'n' Spray, stars can also be removed by disabling police cars. Each wanted level will have a corresponding number of cars to take out (ie, the first level has one car, the second has two, etc). The cars can be taken out by ramming at high speed, attacking, or by forcing them to crash. There is a slight delay period after this before the rating will lower, and you will be on "probationary" stars for a period, as in GTA III era games, before being clear.