Weekend at Florian's

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Weekend At Florians
Niko Bellic, with Roman, deciding whether to kill Florian Cravic.

Niko Bellic, with Roman, deciding whether to kill Florian Cravic.
For Niko Bellic
(Given by Ray Boccino)
Location Varsity Heights, Algonquin
Fail Roman dies
Talbot dies &
Stray too far off Talbot directions
Reward Nothing
Unlocks Bernie Crane's Missions,
Phil Bell's Missions
Unlocked by No Way on the Subway

Weekend at Florian's is the either the final or the penultimate mission given by the Italian criminal Ray Boccino (see Trivia, below). In this mission, Niko and Roman Bellic, find a man, Talbot Daniels (through Ray), who in turn will help find Florian Cravic, a man he suspects killed his friends the Bosnian Wars, one of the two men Niko has spent ten years looking for.


Once you're nearing the end of Ray's missions, Ray gives you a call and throws you a "bone". He has a lead on the whereabouts of Florian Cravic, a man Niko suspects betrayed his military unit. At this point, the mission begins (the player has no option but to follow). Niko automatically calls Roman to help him locate Talbot, a man identified by Ray as knowing the location of Florian. At this point, Niko must pick up Roman from the Middle Park East Safehouse and then drive to Star Junction, Algonquin. During the ride over, Roman tells Niko that he sometimes plays cards with Talbot. Roman and Niko find Talbot on a busy street in Star Junction looking at a canvas.

Talbot initially pretends not to know Florian. Niko, enraged, orders Talbot to guide them to Florian's apartment. Niko needs a four-door vehicle in order to proceed, at which point the key is to follow Talbot's instructions (turn left, turn right, etc). Eventually, they arrive outside an apartment block in Middle Park West. Niko lets Talbot go and, ignoring Roman's admonitions to calm down, goes upstairs to kill Florian.

To his surprise, however, he finds that the flamboyantly gay Florian has changed his name to Bernie Crane and attempted to start a new life for himself. He also implores Niko to believe that he had nothing to do with the betrayal. Niko ultimately believes Florian/Bernie and lets him live, telling Roman he wants to be alone.

Afterwards, Niko phones Ray and informs him Florian was not his man.

The completion of this mission opens up a new strand of missions for Florian/Bernie, and at some point shortly afterwards, Niko receives a series of phone calls:

  • Mallorie, informing Niko that she thinks Roman is about to propose to her.
  • Roman, informing Niko that he has proposed to Mallorie. During the conversation, Niko admits to having feelings for Kate McReary.
  • Brucie, reacting with sadness that his buddy, Roman, is getting married.

In addition, Ray messages Niko to meet him in Alderney, unlocking the Phil Bell mission strand.


  • Although listed in some walkthroughs as the final Ray mission, in fact it will be given automatically at a certain point after No Way on the Subway, regardless as to whether the next Ray mission, Late Checkout has been triggered, so if this mission is triggered first, then Late Checkout becomes the final Ray mission.
  • The title Weekend at Florian's is based on the old movie Weekend at Bernie's since Florian insists that his name has changed to Bernie.
  • If the player brings up his cellphone while Talbot is giving directions, a message will pop up in the top left corner of the screen stating: "Put your cellphone away and listen to Talbot!"
  • No matter whether the player has a Glock or a Desert Eagle, the cutscene with Florian will always show the Glock.