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This article is about the car. For the manufacturer of the same name, see Willard (manufacturer).
(Rear quarter view)
A Willard in GTA San Andreas.
Appearance(s) [[Appearance::GTA San Andreas
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4
Manufacturer Willard (GTA IV)

The Willard is a sedan available in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV. In GTA IV, it is made by the manufacturer of the same name.


The Willard resembles a 1988–1993 Dodge Dynasty in GTA San Andreas; in GTA IV, it strongly resembles a 1986 Buick LeSabre the only notable difference being the configuration of its taillights.


The performance of the Willard in GTA San Andreas is as expected from a standard sedan. The car's engine is moderately powerful, and as such has average speed and high-climbing capabilities. Its steering, however, may be slightly sluggish, although its brakes are still responsive enough to facilitate powersliding for more effective cornering.

The GTA IV rendition of the Willard is powered by what feels like a high-output 4 or 6 cylinder engine, paired to a 4 speed gearbox in FWD configuration. The Willard is extremely sluggish - the slowest car in the game. Despite its speed disadvantage, the Willard's suspension is set up for quick turns, rather than high-speed "highway" cornering. Braking is acceptable, and ABS appears to be standard across the line. Crash deformation is also acceptable, and build quality above average; overall, the Willard is best suited to situations where sudden turns are a necessity, and high speed driving is not.



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