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Artwork of Willy
[[Image::File:Willy-GTAVC-artwork.png| ]]
Artwork of Willy
Appearances GTA Vice City
Full Name Willy
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality British
Home Vice City
Main Affiliations Tommy Vercetti
Businesses Love Fist
See also Willy from The Lost and Damned and Willy Valerio from GTA IV.

Willy is the bassist for the Scottish hair metal band Love Fist. Just like fellow Love Fist band members Dick and Percy, his name is a sex joke from Rockstar as it is a slang term for a penis. According to Jezz Torrent, Willy wears women's underwear. Willy is the only member of Love Fist who is never seen in person anywhere in the game.

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City