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{{Infobox vehicle
{{Infobox vehicle
| name = Sabre
| name = Windsor
| front_image = Windsor-GTASA-front.jpg
| front_image = Windsor-GTASA-front.jpg
| image_size = 300
| image_size = 300

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A Windsor in GTA San Andreas.
(Rear quarter view)
A Windsor in GTA San Andreas.
Appearance(s) GTA San Andreas
Vehicle type Civilian car
Body style 2-door sports convertible
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)

The Windsor is two-door sports convertible featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The Windsor is designed as a 1960s to early 1970s classic European convertible sports car, appearing with either its black canvas top up or down. Originally designed to mimic the late-model Jaguar E-Type, the car was further redesigned during GTA San Andreas' development, resulting in a final form with a front end more similar to that of a 1966–1968 Ferrari 330 GTS or a Ferrari 365.


The Windsor is a very fast car; however, it does not match up to some of the "elite" cars. The Windsor's engine is very loud, giving out a thoarty roar, sounding more like a V8 than the four cylinder engine that came in all Alfa Spiders or the 6 cylinder/V12 that came in the all Jaguar E-Types, but acceleration and speed is on par. Cornering is very difficult, as the car seems to be much heavier than it looks, and the car tends to subtly fishtail or drift, despite running at mid speeds, though experienced players can control its drifting capabilities.


The Windsor can be modified at a TransFender, but is only offered a bare minimum of modification options:

Italicized pricing denotes prices at the Las Venturas TransFender, which charges 20% more except Colors.

  • Colors
    • Car Color 1 (primary body color): $150
  • Nitro
    • 2x Nitrous: $200 ($240)
    • 5x Nitrous: $500 ($600)
    • 10x Nitrous: $1,000 ($1,200)

  • Wheels
    • Import: $820 ($984)
    • Atomic: $770 ($924)
    • Ahab: $1,000 ($1,200)
    • Virtual: $620 ($744)
    • Access: $1,140 ($1,368)
    • Off Road Wheel: $1,000 ($1,200)
    • Mega: $1,030 ($1,236)
    • Grove: $1,230 ($1,476)
    • Twist: $1,200 ($1,440)
    • Wires: $1,560 ($1,872)

  • Car Stereo
    • Bass Boost: $100 ($120)
  • Hydraulics: $1,500 ($1,800)


A picture of a work-in-progress Windsor found inside the Driving School.
  • An early iteration of the Windsor, with proportions more similar to that of a Jaguar E-Type (sporting a longer front end) and shielded headlights, is depicted on a hung picture inside the Driving School.
  • The default radio station in the Windsor is Master Sounds 98.3.


See also

  • Jugular E and Jug Swinger, GTA London 1969 and GTA London 1961 cars with a similar body design, based on the Jaguar E-Type.