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The "Xero Gas" Acter Industrial Park refinery in GTA IV.

Xero is a company in Grand Theft Auto IV presumably specialized in petroleum. Unlike its competitors, Xero does not appear to have set up any gas stations in Liberty City, although it does operate a refinery at the southwestern corner of the Acter Industrial Park in Alderney. Xero storage tanks and faded advertising of the brand can also be found in selected parts of the city, and Xero sponsorship vinyls are visible on certain Bati Customs designs. Xero is a BAWSAQ-listed company.

Its name and logo design appear to be similar to that of Xoomer in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


  • Xero was the original name of the American rock band Linkin Park.
  • It is unusual for a petroleum company to use cooling towers like that of a nuclear plant it is possible that it was as the BradyGames for The Ballad of Gay Tony calls it a nuclear plant.

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