Xin of the Father

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Xin of the Father

Evading a huge wave of cops.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Xin Shan
Reward $200
Unlocked by Deadly Xin

Xin of the Father is a mission given to Huang Lee by Xin Shan in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. This mission will be unlocked if you registered an account to Rockstar's Social Club and find the Lions of Fo.


(Xin's predicament)

Huang: How many cops did you kill? It's like Rusty Brown Ring's parade day out there.

Xin: Fuck 'em. If they don't want to get shot, they should quit wearing a badge.

Huang: Fine point... which leads me to another: Where's my money?

Xin: Oh, thanks! Not - how're you doing Xin? Or - you look bad, Xin, I'll get you to a doctor.

Huang: The only thing a hospital's got for you is a morgue and I'm not getting arrested driving you over to it.

Xin: Relax. I know a place. Just get me there.

Huang: In this fucking cop magnet?

Xin: Okay, let's just fuck around moving me to another car, while I bleed to death. You want your money? Get driving!


Huang: We're here. Where's this doctor of yours, kid?

Xin: Doctor? I didn't come here for a fucking doctor.

Huang: Great! In that case, where's my money?

Xin: Gone towards my dead partner's funeral expenses. I thought you wouldn't mind, seeing as it was you that killed her.

Huang: What? You're delirious.

Xin: She was my SISTER! MY FUCKING SISTER! You let her die, right here in the alley!

Huang: ...Ling? You crazy fucking kid! I avenged Ling. I killed all the assholes involved.

Xin: Bullshit! If you'd been half as good as you think you are, you wouldn't have failed her. You think you're fucking great, but you're fucking useless!

Huang: Really? Well, where were you when she needed you? She was your partner, your sister.

Xin: I couldn't... I was - this isn't about me!

Huang: Wrong. This is all about you.

Xin: But, I didn't... It was you!

Huang: You failed her, kid, not me.

Xin: ...I ... I'm sorry.

Huang: ...Look, I've lost someone recently too. It's hard, but you get used to it. Get yourself patched up, kid. And when you're better, look me up. Hey! Maybe we could be partners. I could use a side-kick especially one like an annoying kid-brother.

Xin: ...Huh! A useless kid-brother. ...Fucking useless.