Yay Ka-Boom-Boom

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Yay ka-boom-boom
Game GTA San Andreas
For Wu Zi Mu
Target destroying a drug factory
Location Doherty Garage, San Fierro.
Reward $25000 and +Respect
Unlocks Las Venturas

Yay ka-boom-boom is the last mission you do in San Fierro where protagonist Carl Johnson drives a bomb-rigged car to a drug factory and destroys it.


CJ escaped from the countryside to San Fierro, after doing some jobs there, Cesar Vialpando told CJ that he tracked a ballas car going to San Fierro to acquire some cocaine, CJ went to the scene to find Ryder, T-Bone Mendez, Jizzy B and Mike Toreno in a meeting, after killing them in some missions later, Wu Zi Mu founded that Loco Syndicate have their drug factory, and must be destroyed.

The Mission

Wu Zi mu's guy has set a wired car for the job, CJ must go and pick the car, he goes to the bomb shop in Downtown, CJ picks the car and goes to the factory, the gate is closed and there are two guards, Carl kills the guards and the door is opened, here more men inside want to get CJ, you can now run over the men or get out of the car and kill them, CJ gets inside the factory and parks at the chemical containers, he activates the bomb and runs away, you are given a time of 40 seconds to get out of there, once you get out, the factory explodes then a car gets in, the gate is locked by now, and you must find another way to get out, fortunaley there's a ramp that you can use to get out, kill the guys in the car and steal it, jump the ramp and head to the garage, thats it.

Mission Sequence

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The Da Nang Thang 'Yay ka-boom-boom' monster


  • The wired car has a special numberplate 'TIMEBOMB'
  • In previous games,when you drive a car that has a bomb, a damage bar appears, which if fulled up, the vehicle explodes, In this mission, you drive a rigged car, but there's no damage bar.
  • Jumping from the ramp will give you a unique stunt jump bonus, If the jump wasn't successful, try again after the mission, the gate will be opened.