Yusuf Amir

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Yusuf Amir
[[Image::File:Yusuf Amir (GTA4 TBOGT).jpg| ]]
Yusuf Amir with a scale model of Algonquin, in a pre-release screenshot of The Ballad of Gay Tony.
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV (Mentioned)
The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
Full Name Yusuf Amir
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Dubai, UAE
Nationality Emirati
Home Liberty City
Family Abdul Amir (Father)
Main Affiliations Luis Fernando Lopez
Anthony Prince
Tahir Saeed
Businesses Real estate
Voiced by Omid Djalili

Yusuf Amir is a character mentioned in Grand Theft Auto IV and first appears in The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is voiced by British-Iranian comedian Omid Djalili.


Yusuf Amir is an Arabic immigrant from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Yusuf is a billionaire property developer, his most notable achievement being the "hanging gardens of Amir" - an apartment complex suspended by balloons over the Persian Gulf.


In GTA IV, Amir runs into some problems in Liberty City, as his business is being extorted by an unknown union-linked sect of mafiosi. Yusuf's construction site in Castle Gardens for a "luxury condo tower" (which local groups criticized will "ruin the skyline of Castle Gardens"[1]) suffers union difficulties when he refuses to be blackmailed, but bystander Playboy X attempts to interfere to become a silent partner in Amir's business. Playboy X hires Niko Bellic to clear out the mobsters as a favour to Amir, but after the murders take place it is clear that Amir wants no part of Playboy. He caves in to the extortion and offers to build a memorial on the site to union workers killed by on-the-job accident. It is mention on the news that he shuts down the site following the accident, however this is likely only for a few days as he is seen overseeing on going work in a mission which takes place in the latter half of Niko's story.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Artwork of Yusuf for The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Amir plays a larger role in The Ballad of Gay Tony as one of Luis's employers. He tasks Luis with some over-the-top missions including stealing a train car so it can be shipped overseas to feature in a Liberty City themed Hotel and Casino that he is planning on building. His goal is to find a way to please Mr. Amir, his father. That means stealing him a rare helicopter, building the tallest skyscraper in Liberty City, or stealing a tank.

During the final mission, whilst the player is driving to Francis International Airport, Yusuf will call you and Luis will reply that 'there's nothing you can do'. Yusuf will ignore you, and once you get to Dukes Expressway, he will fly toward the player in his notorious yellow Buzzard. He will clear out any Russian hitmen attacking you with no difficulty, allotting you an easy trip to Rodislav's plane.


  • Leslie Mitchell, a Weazel News reporter, claims Yusuf Amir is a personal friend of his, and as a result, does not restraint himself in defending Yusuf's construction project in Castle Gardens, calling groups who are not in favor of Yusuf's project as "leftist loonies" who are arresting property development in the city.[1]
  • Yusuf enjoys using gangster lingo, including "nigga" to Luis' irritation. Despite Luis' request to stop using this particular term, Yusuf continues to use it in his vocabulary.
  • Near the beginning of The Ballad of Gay Tony, Amir gives Luis a shotgun with explosive shells, and later, his car with a Gold SMG in the glove compartment.
  • In his apartment, Amir has a collection of arcade machines. A big screen television in his apartment also shows the end credits of GTA IV.
  • Yusuf likes the song "Arab Money," and is seen in cutscenes playing the song and dancing to it.

Mission appearances


The Ballad of Gay Tony


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