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Zero is a computer nerd in San Fierro who gives Carl Johnson, some of the hardest missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He spends his days making money by selling radio controlled vehicles. His biggest enemy is Berkley probably other toy shop's owner. He also calls "Lonely Hearts" on WCTR and reveals that he has never "been close to a woman" and is advised to not even see a hooker. Before the start of the second (and arguably most difficult mission), CJ has to free his underpants from a closet hook which Berkley tried hang Zero for defeating his war planes. His services are rendered during the heist of Caligula's Palace in Las Venturas where he helps Carl evade the high technology tricks of the casino. However, they are complicated when he informs Berkley of the heist and things get more complicated.

Many people believe that the war plane mission is the most difficult in San Andreas, which as a side mission, doens't say much for the game. The mission is considered easier on the PC version with the use of the mouse as opposed to the more awkward PS2/XBOX thumbsticks.