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...Blog This!
Game The Ballad of Gay Tony
For Anthony Prince
Target The Celebinator
Location Happiness Island
Fail Tony or The Celebinator dies, the helicopter is destroyed.
Reward 2000$
Unlocks Not So Fast
Unlocked by

Blog This!...

High Dive

...Blog This! is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony, given to protagonist Luis Fernando Lopez by Anthony Prince. This mission is the second part of the Blog This mission earlier in the game.


Luis and Tony kidnap The Celebinator that's been trash-talking Tony's clubs on the internet. They take him high above the Statue of Happiness in Yusuf's helicopter and, after a few punches or slaps, Luis throws the blogger out to scare him. Luis then jumps out of the helicopter after the blogger, catching him in mid-air and utilizing a Parachute to glide him to safety on the island. The blogger limps off, adequately debased and having crapped his pants, and is never seen again by Luis.


Once you arrive at the helicopter, get in and fly towards the pink marker. There are pink rings to fly through. Once you get high enough, Tony will take the controls. Follow the onscreen instructions to slap and punch the blogger and, when you are ready, throw him from the copper. Luis will automatically dive after him on orders from Tony, and if you let him die, the mission fails. Aim towards the blogger and dive quickly to catch him. Once you've got him, deploy the Parachute to safely land on Happiness Island.

Mission Requirements

Time: 0:2:10

Player Damage: 0%

Time To Catch Blogger: 8 Seconds

After Completion

After intimidating the blogger, he will write a puff article for Maisonette 9, Hercules, and their owners, followed by a slam article on the Statue of Happiness. Luis will be given a cash reward for completing the mission, and Tony's next mission will open up.

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Tips & Tricks

  • To reach the 100% time limit, skip the punch and slapping, and just throw him out.
  • Stay clear of water! the Celebinator can't swim and Luis is no lifeguard.
  • To reach the 100% time limit, pull the parachute ripcord in just enough time to steer yourself to Happiness Island below.