555 We Tip

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Carl gets a call from Officer Tenpenny. Tenpenny wants Carl to take the 
weed that they got from The Truth, put it in somebody's car, then call the 
Cops using We Tip. Carl won't do it. Code of the Streets: you don't snitch. 
But when Tenpenny tells Carl that the intended victim is the DA (District 
Attorney), Carl is more than happy to participate.....


Silenced Pistol

The Plan

Head on over to the blip across the street from the Vank Hoff Hotel in Financial. Next you have to go down to the parking garage and wait for the valet. If you have a Wanted Rating and go down into the garage, you will fail the mission. After the valet gets out of the car, cap him and then pick up the Valet Uniform.

Next, go up to the surface and to the red circle. You will then be informed that the DA drives a blue Merit. Get close to the roadway island and wait. Usually the first blue car that comes up is the Merit. Take it and go. If another valet gets to it first, jack it from him.

You now have two and a half minutes to get back to the Xoomer Garage Safehouse to plant the drugs. From there you have to go back to the entrance of the parking garage. You cannot damage the car in any way. If you do, you have to go all the way back to the garage. Once you get back to the parking garage entrance, park the car in the designated spot.

From there, go back up and to the red circle and watch the fun.....



But you gain the Valet Uniform and open up the Vank Hoff Hotel (Financial) Valet Parking Asset Mission