8-Ball Autos

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8-Ball Autos

Is a place in many GTA games where one can load a car with explosives and then detonate them.

There are many places it can be found.

In GTA: San Andreas 8-Ball Autos is located where Idlewood meets Little Mexico at the northern tip of El Corona in Los Santos. There is a road that borders the north brick wall of the Unity Station parking lot, and that road intersects another road in front the 8-Ball auto shop.

In San Andreas, the cost of bomb armament is $500. The bomb can then be driven wherever the car can be taken. The car is activated by pressing A or B (Xbox Version) and takes approximately 8 seconds to detonate. This allows you to park the vehicle and run away, or drive fast and jump out.

Bikes cannot be armed, and it is thought than any 4 wheeled road-vehicle other than an ATV that can FIT INSIDE THE SHOP can be armed.