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Accepting the Truth

Accepting The Truth
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Epsilon Program
Objective Meet with the Epsilonists and contribute a tithe of $5,000
Location Vinewood
Reward none
Unlocks Assuming the Truth
Unlocked by Seeking the Truth

Accepting the Truth is a Strangers and Freaks mission GTA V for Protagonist Michael De Santa given by the Epsilon Program.


The location is a small building opposite the property Pitchers in Downtown Vinewood. When Michael steps inside, he is in a room full of cardboard boxes. A few seconds after, Marnie Allen walks in behind him. She tells him about how she quit drugs because of the Epsilon Program. She then tells Michael that the only price he has to pay is $5,000. He says that it is a ridiculous amount. When Marnie says "how much would you pay for enlightenment", Tom walks in saying "all the pennies I ever earned". The two Epsilonists then leave the warehouse.