Algonquin Bridge

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The Algonquin Bridge is a main river crossing in Liberty City. It is based on the Manhattan Bridge in New York City.


The Algonquin Bridge is the final bridge up-river before the Charge Island East-Borough Bridges. It passes over Colony Island and the Algonquin end of the Bridge is directly next to the CC Building.


The Algonquin Bridge carries 4 lanes of traffic on two sections of road, the northern-most road carrying traffic to Algonquin, the southern-most road carrying traffic from Algonquin. The Algonquin Bridge connects to Kunzite Street on the Algonquin side, and onto the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway on the Dukes side of the river. Beneath these two roadways of traffic are four subway tracks, the 3/8 Broker line which connects to the J/A Algonquin Outer line. There are also three pedestrian walkways, two minor walkways on the north and south edges of the bridge and a main central walkway in the middle.