All Hands on Deck!

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All Hands On Deck
Game GTA Vice City
For Colonel Cortez
Target Protecting Colonel Cortez
Location VC Marina
Reward $10000 and a Speeder.

All Hands On Deck is the last mission to be played for Colonel Cortez in the game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



The French FBI has discovered that Cortez was the one who sent the courier from mission Mall Shootout to steal the missile technology guidance chips, and now they want them back. However Cortez won't give up without a fight, so will set sail on his yacht and escape the FBI, however he requires another gun and you are the right gun for this ocation.

The Mission

After getting the briefing from Cortez, the yacht will take off. Four boats of FBI men will follow you, blow them up or kill the gunmen and drivers. When they're done with some more guys in Dinghys will appear, finish them too. Eventually you will reach a blockade, here, at least four more Speeders will come after the yacht, blow up the boats before the gunmen climb onto the yacht, two more guys in Dinghies will appear as well, but those won’t climb onto the yacht so don’t mind about them, yet.

In the next strike, they will come at you in Maverick helicopters. Gun down the choppers before they reach the yacht, or else they choppers will drop gunmen on the deck. After about the third chopper a military Hunter will appear and attack you with it’s Minigun. Shoot the Hunter until it goes down, once it's out get to the front of the yacht and blow up the boats blocking the yacht's way.

Now the yacht will get through and reach the open sea. As a reward, Cortez will pay you and give you your own speedboat, get on the boat and drive away. Mission finished.


(Cortez's yacht, Tommy Vercetti and Colonel Cortez.)

Colonel Cortez: Circumstances force a hasty departure, amigo.

Tommy Vercetti: What's the problem?

Cortez: Ehh, the French want their missile technology back and after that last incident, I feel it is time to find safer harbor.

Tommy: Wouldn't it be safer to fly?

Cortez: I'd be dead before I reached check-in. Besides, I need to get my merchandise out of the country.

Tommy: Need another gun?

Cortez: You, my friend are worth ten guns...

(The Deck, Cortez and Cortez's Goon.)

Goon: The bridge up ahead! Oh my god, they've got a helicopter!

Cortez: Tommy, we are being overrun by the French. Tommy, everywhere I look there are French Men, I hate it!

(Cortez's Yacht, Tommy and Cortez.)

Cortez: Thomas, you have prtoected and served me well. But now you must leave us before we reach the open seas. I will now lower my personal launch. Keep it, my friend, as a token of my gratitude.

Tommy: Thank you Colonel.

Cortez: One more request. While I'm away, could you keep an eye on Mercedes for me?

Tommy: I think she could look after herself, but sure, I'll keep an eye out.

Cortez: Gracias, amigo. Hasta Luego.

Tommy: Adios, amigo.

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