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Ammu-Nation is Grand Theft Auto's standard gun shop where the player can obtain most of his/her weapons. It is first seen in Grand Theft Auto 3, and has since been the standard place to get guns. The shop sells anything from pistols to assault rifles, shotguns to snipers and body armor. Ammu-Nation does not sell rocket launchers, or other similar heavy weapons. It features three different interfaces, the first from Grand Theft Auto 3 was you walked in and the guns were just above the floor turning as if seen when killing an enemy. Walking through these guns made you aqquire them at a price. In Vice City the gunshop was improved and the guns are now on the wall. This change made the gunshop arguably more easier to use. In San Andreas the purchasing of guns is a slower process, because the dealer has to pull them out. In Liberty City stories it reverted back to the Vice City method.