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Amy Shaken-Hausen is the main DJ of K-Chat on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. She was also on VCS,as an on air intern. In Vice City Stories, Amy was intelligent and insightful, but on Vice City, she puts on an air that she's a superficial airhead for most of the interview in question, then then turning around and decimating her guest in a debate about the nature carried in their line of thought.

Amy is perhaps the most contradictory of all the DJs in any GTA games; at first listen, she seems almost as vapid as Toni, then when you re-hear the segement, you catch onto that she's leading the guest into setting him/herself up. It's also noteworthy that when she cares about the material, she noticably drops the act, and even drops her inflection when she's offended enough by their views.

Amy is never seen, but a lot of focus is put on her looks; several of her guests describe her as being beautiful, while others call attention to a proposed defect in her looks, such as when she tells a guest who asks her out that saying yes would be unethical ("If I sleep with one more guest- I'm fired"), and he tells her she has a mustache, despite telling her right before asking her out that he thought she was "jaw Dropping" and "Stunning". A femenist she interviews likewise tells her she looks like a whore.

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