An American Welcome

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An American Welcome
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
For Joe
Objective Detain Manuel and two other "illegal immigrants" with Joe and Josef.
Location Mount Chiliad, Blaine County
Fail Joe dies
Josef dies
Manuel dies
The "illegal immigrants" die
Manuel or the "illegal immigrants" escape
Unlocks The Civil Border Patrol
Unlocked by Minute Man Blues
Time Limit 30 seconds (stop the first group of "illegal immigrants", gold medal completion only)
55 seconds (stop the second group of "illegal immigrants", gold medal completio only)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! ( can be part of)

An American Welcome is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by Joe and Josef from Mount Chiliad, Blaine County.


Trevor Philips, driving along a dirt road north of the Alamo Sea, spots the Park Ranger of the Civil Border Patrol leader Joe and begins looking inside. Joe and Josef, sneaking up behind Trevor, aim their stun guns at him until they realise it is their hired help. Joe then notices an "illegal immigrant" and asks Trevor to help them in apprehending him.

Trevor gets into their truck and gives chase with Joe using his stun gun to stop Manuel. At gun point, they force him into the truck before driving to the Stoner Cement Works. On the journey, Manuel insists that he is a legal American citizen and shows his papers to Joe, who throws them out of the window. When they arrive at the cement works, two men flee on motorcycles and Trevor gives chase, with Joe and Josef stunning them. The two are forced into the truck, at gun point, before Joe asks Trevor to get out of the truck so he drive them to the nearest police station.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Downed Stop the first group of "illegal immigrants" within 30 seconds.
Double Downed Stop the second group of "illegal immigrants" within 55 seconds.
Shock and Awe Stun all the "illegal immigrants".

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version - GTASeriesVideos
(5 minutes 11 seconds in)