Angus' Bike Thefts

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Bike theft missions are unlocked early on in the DLC. They're given to Johnny by member Angus, the Lost MC member who's confined to a wheelchair due to an accident Billy Grey caused. He's got a guy interested in certain bikes which you'll steal and Angus will sell to him. In order to undertake the missions, all you need to do is bring up Angus in your cell's phonebook and select "Job" from the menu. The thefts appear to be given in a predetermined order unlike other side missions in the game (like the carjackings Niko can do for Brucie, which are randomized). Also unusual is the fact that these thefts have specific mission names to go along with them. The basic outline for the thefts is being told by Angus that there's a bike somewhere. Most times it's either parked with people nearby or being driven around a specific borough. You then steal it and drop it off at the garage down the little alleyway to the right of the Lost MC's clubhouse. Each bike successfully turned in rewards you with cash and autosaves the game.