Australian-American War

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The Australian-American War was a war fought in the Grand Theft Auto III era. It is mentioned on Lazlow's radio show 'Chatterbox FM' when a veteran of the war calls in to talk about how no one cares about the Australian-American War. Lazlow then goes on to mention that he's never heard of it, either. The vet talks about how the Australian equipped boomerangs and kangaroos with explosives. It is unknown who won the war, the Australians or Americans.

Probability of the War in Real Life

The war in real life has never happen, and it seems like it will never happen. Australia and the United States have been allied since World War II, and both are part of ANZUS, a treaty between Australia, New Zealand and the United States to police the Pacific Ocean. Both nations were formerly under British colonial rule, with the United State declaring independence in 1776 and winning it in 1783, with Australia slowly gaining independence, starting in 1901 with a constitution, and finally attaining it 1983 with the Australia Act. Australia assisted the United States in the Iraq War in 2003, and the Afghanistan War in 2001. Australia was, and is, one of the United States' strongest allies, and there has never been a threat of war between them.

Although Australia has never even begun leaning Communist, the war is a joke on how the United States and other Western Nations invading and declaring war on nations where Communism was gaining popularity (i.e., Korean War, Vietnam War).

Flag of Australia
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Flag of the United States